What to Do With Outdated Visitors Cards

 My pastor appointed me as Outreach director and then handed me a large stack of old visitor cards. Nothing has been done with them; not even a letter. What do you suggest I do with them?


First, visit them. By far the most effective way to reach people is with a personal contact and witness. Visitor names should be put on follow-up cards and then given to trained follow-up teams to visit and invite them back. If the opportunity presents itself, a Bible study should be set up.

Second, place the visitor on the church mailing list: ‘At low-cost bulk mailing rates a church can send out a monthly bulletin, revival flyers, and home Bible study promotions on a regular basis.

Third, telephone them. Sometimes just a simple, low-key phone call can turn a name into a convert. The visitor list can be divided up among a calling group to invite them to a special program or service. This should be done before every revival, drama, or attendance promotion.

Fourth, get a home Bible study. All contact with past visitors should focus on two areas: getting them back to church and into a Bible study. The Word of God must be planted if new life is to spring up.

Fifth, enroll them in Sunday school. Use “Enroll To Grow” to pre-enroll the visitor right on their door step (see Sunday School Division, UPCI). Be sure to have the Pastor make the follow-up visit to answer any question on the benefits they will receive by being a part of the Sunday School.

Sixth, whether the parents enroll in the Sunday school or not, get the children into your bus ministry. This gives the bus worker a chance to visit the home each week and to use the “Parentreach” (AIS file BMPR03.TXT) concept of bus ministry to win the parents.


(from IBC Perspectives – Volume 2 – Issue 7 – page 6)