When You’re The New Pastor

When You’re The New Pastor – By James Smith

New Pastors often make elementary mistakes when they assume the pastorate of a church. Even though you’re now the pastor, you’re still the “new kid on the block.”

Listed are some strategies to employ during the first year of your new pastorate:

* Earn confidence by showing competence in decision-making

* Focus on people first – programs second.

* Make no major changes the first year.

* Promote health through loving the people.

* Tackle the most critical problems one at a time – Line them up single file

* Respect culture – each church has its unique history

* Keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

* Focus on “who” first and “what” second.
Get the right people in the right positions, and then develop a strategy.

* Give the church a steady diet of hope. Foster a climate of trust.