Who Lost the Game?


Behold, a ball team went forth to play a game of baseball.

Just as the umpire was saying, -Batter up,- the catcher for the home team arrived and took his place.

The center fielder didn’t arrive until the end of the first inning.

The second baseman didn’t arrive until the end of the second inning.

The first baseman didn’t show up at all, but later sent his regrets and said that he had to go to a chicken dinner at Aunt Mary’s.

The third baseman likewise failed to come to the game, having been up late the night before and desired to spend the day in bed.

The left fielder decided to visit another ball game across town.

The shortstop was present but left his glove at home.

Two of the substitute fielders were away on a little weekend trip and couldn’t make it. But they were there in spirit.

Verily, when the pitcher went into the box, and looked around for his teammates, lo, his heart was heavy, for their places were empty.

But the game was announced, and the visitors were in the stands, and there was nothing to do but pitch the ball — and hope for the best.

So — the pitcher tightened his belt, stepped into the box, and did his best to put the ball over the plate.

But he was not at his best, for he had to serve as pitcher, first baseman, third baseman, and fielder.

There were loud boos from the stands as the home team was badly beaten.

It was a disgrace to the noble game of baseball.

When the absent members of the defeated team heard their team had lost the game, a decision was made to get a new pitcher.

But who lost the game???

(Author unknown)

The ability to cooperate with others — being a team player -enables us to bring out the best in ourselves and others. When we understand the principles of cooperative efforts, we then understand that we are interdependent.

Success is impossible without others, and our attitude toward others will determine their attitude toward us. This in turn determines our effectiveness.

Every day we have the opportunity to touch the raw nerve of need in our society. To effectively help others, we must understand their needs, then show them how the needs can be met.

Perhaps one of the deepest cravings of human beings is to be needed, to feel important, and to be appreciated. This feeling can be satisfied by developing and cultivating a team spirit. Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM).

If we give respect to others as a part of the team, they will return it to us. One of the best ways to convince them of our sincerity is to exemplify our commitment.

Jesus always reached out to others, stressing human value and the importance of every individual. What a contrast to the ruthless society of our day that makes many feel that they are unloved,
unwanted, and unimportant. The success of a team is predicated upon the combined capabilities and contributions of each.

Great deeds often receive instant recognition and rewards. Yet much of our success results from an abundance of seldom-noticed ministries. Most who offer their assistance enjoy what they do, and consider it a gift to God. When considering the needs around us, any one ministry taken by itself seems inconsequential, but together they become very significant.