Why Men’s Ministry

Why Men’s Ministry?
Rev. Cassidy Sherry

While this question may appear unnecessary, it is important that we clarify the need for ministry to men. We must recognize how the world has negatively impacted and influenced most men and understand our unique biblical role as godly men in an ungodly world.
Men’s ministry is vital and important to the growth of any church. We have all heard the saying, “Strong men make strong families, strong families make strong churches, strong churches make strong communities and strong communities make a strong nation.” It all comes down to the quality of men we have, so why have we not invested in men? If you walk into most churches and look at what activities are taking place, you will find that most churches will have activities for children, youth and women and nothing, or very little, for men. Men have become one of our largest neglected people groups and yet they carry the biggest responsibilities.

Here are some statistics concerning Men in general
* A typical church congregation is around 70% female and 30% male.
* Sunday Services – 30% of married women worship without their husbands.
* Midweek activities often have 70% – 80% Female participants and 20% – 30% male participants.
* 90% of boys raised in church will abandon it by their 20th birthday and most don’t return.
* 90% of men profess to believe in God and call themselves Christians but only one third attend church on Sundays.
* Quite a few men go to church simply to keep their wives and mothers happy.
* Over 90% of men have never shared their faith with another man.
* Many Churches are declining because men have stopped participating, growing and leading.
* If the man (husband, father) is the first person in a home to become born again, there is a 93% probability that the rest of the family will follow.
* 4 out of every 10 men in church will get divorced.
* 5 out of every 10 men in church will have a problem with pornography.

Yes, these glaring statistics shout the paramount importance of churches becoming more intentional in developing men’s ministries that will attract and grow men for Jesus Christ.
If you reach men, you will reach their families. But to reach men you have to understand their condition and their issues. Intentionally enter into their world and specifically address their needs. Men’s ministry will address these issues and will help us to disciple men, equip men, encourage the men that are amongst us to stand up, get involved and be counted.

Today, the pubs and social network groups have become grounds for men to gather, make and keep friends. The church has been replaced almost entirely, There is a real need to have a place where men from all walks of life can come into an environment in which they are comfortable enough to deal with the deep rooted issues of their lives and know that they will not be mocked, laughed at, teased or even sometimes scorned but will receive genuine help and support from men who care.

Finding Identity, Purpose and Belonging
Men’s ministry offers hope, relief, help, support, advice and counselling to men who are hurt, confused, disgruntled, of low self-esteem, alcoholics, struggling with drugs; men who have been bullied, are violent, lonely separated, divorced or have relation-ship problems. Today many men are searching for answers. There is nothing more frustrating than not knowing who you are as a man? Secondly men are searching for somewhere to belong. That’s why so many go to football games and want to be associated with best teams. Others get involved in gangs; they are looking for purpose for their lives and they are looking for a family to belong to. Yes you got it–their purpose is in Jesus and the church is that family.
We would like to see men reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. We believe that the future of families, com-munities and churches rests in the raising up of men who will be the men God has called them to be. We need men that will stand for God; men that will stand for truth; men that will advance the Kingdom of God.

The Birth of the National Men’s Department in UPCGB&I
Let’s give God the glory for the establishment of a National Men’s Department in the United Pentecostal Church Great Britain & Ireland. We thank Bishop L. Francis and the General Board and the ministers of this great assembly for their vision and pursuit of this great opportunity to minister to men and to actively pursue the hearts of men for God.

The First National Men’s Gathering
At general conference 2014, we had our first men’s meeting. It was an outstanding meeting. The hall was filled to capacity and Rev J. Arango spoke to the men on the topic “There is a King in You’. All in attendance we blessed and we have had some great feedback. God is doing great things in our midst.

To the Ladies
We are not promoting gender division; in fact we need your help. So please pray for us and support us. God has placed in every woman the desire to be loved. Women need to be loved and He has placed in every man the desire for respect. Men need to be respected. Men will never stay where they are not valued and respected. Help us to create an environment in our churches that values men.

To the Men
Men’s Ministry is for you; support your pastor and men’s leader. Now is the time for men to rise up. Will you rise to the challenge and get involved with what’s happening in your local church and men’s ministry at district and national level? If you need support to start a men’s ministry in your church or to be involved in this worthy ministry, contact your district men’s ministry for assistance. Be the man God has called you to be and let’s see our families, churches, communities and nation changed f the glory of God. I will leave all the men reading this article with this closing clarion call from the book of Isaiah by

Prophet Isaiah
“Awake, awake; put on thy strength, 0 Zion; put on thy beautiful garments, 0 Jerusalem, the holy city….. Shake thyself from the dust; arise;’ Isaiah 52:1, 2 It’s time for us to awake, put on our strength, remove all limitations and arise!

The above article, “Why Men’s Ministry?” was written by Rev. Cassidy Sherry. The article was excerpted from Pentecostal Truth.

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