Why Men’s Ministry? (Newsletter 4-3)

Why Men’s Ministry?
Apostolic Man

Because the threat to godliness is so great—and the opportunity before us so immeasurable—ministry to men is an idea whose time has come.

• It will afford your church the chance to equip and enlist men to display Christ—centered perspectives in their homes, churches, and communities.
• It will enable you to under-gird godly men in their quest to find and fulfill their calling in Christ.
• It will create a meaningful forum in which you can motivate and mobilize the Apostolic men around you.
• It will facilitate the pastor’s unending effort to build better men—and thereby grow greater churches.

A vibrant ministry to men will not be an additional burden—but rather, an invaluable asset.

Starting a Men’s Ministry: Seven Easy Steps

1. In the context of the challenges facing our society both within and without the church, communicate the need for a meaningful ministry to men.

2. Under the direction of the Pastor or designated lay leader, establish opportunities for men’s only gatherings.

3. Plan presentations aimed at addressing issues relevant to men living Christian lives:
• STEWARDSHIP of time, talent, and treasure
• COMMITMENT to God, family, and church
• MAINTAINING MORAL PURITY in an immoral world
• MAN TO MAN EVANGELISM witnessing in the workplace
• FINDING YOUR PLACE in local church ministry
• PRAYER for family, pastor, and kingdom
• SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP God’s plan for man

4. Provide the framework within which men can develop accountability among brethren.

5. Offer opportunities for fellowship and interaction between men outside of the normal church environment.

6. Through personal testimonies, involve laymen in motivating and mobilizing others to find and fulfill their place in the mission and ministry of the local church.

7. Teach men how to pray – and teach men to pray.

“I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath or doubting” (I Timothy 2:8)

“… Men ought always to pray and not to faint.”(Luke 18:1b)

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