Women’s Dress: Subconcious Sexual Signals

Women’s Dress: Subconcious Sexual Signals
By Linda Y. Reed

Spring was all around him. The brisk morning air awakened a new excitement inside him. Pungent odors of newly blossomed flowers stirred his emotions, announcing to all the world that it was mating time. Then he saw her, standing in the meadow. As he approached her, he slowly and methodically unfurled his brilliant plumage, dancing erotically around his mate to entice her. His sexual signals did not go unnoticed. The evidence of his success-a covey of baby partridge impatiently await their breakfast.

In the animal world it is the male who shows his colors and signals to his mate. This is what God intended. In our modern world the natural order of things has been radically changed. For in most societies today it is the female who gives sexual signals to the male. Reversing the natural order of creation has hurled our world into perilous times. Our generation has been thrown into a swirling sea of pornography and sex. It will be a miracle if any of us survive. Our only hope is to find a lifeboat. Only then can we sail above the treacherous depths that Satan has created – that horrible thing called “Sin.” And just as God told Noah to build an ark to the saving of his household, so we must build our homes and churches on the word of God. Today, I would like to speak to you about holiness-that condition of the heart and body that keeps us out of harm’s way. It is like a lifeboat. But what good is a lifeboat without an oar?

I hope I can help some of you today to be more knowledgeable of that Word of God so that you can safely reach heaven’s shore.

Our first session will be entitled:


II Cor. 7:1- “Having therefore these promises, dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the FLESH and SPIRIT, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.”

II Tim. 2:21 tells us that we must “PURGE OURSELVES” if we want to be vessels of honor, sanctified and useful for our master.

I Pet. 1:16 commands us to be holy.

Outer holiness is the result of inner holiness.

Outward holiness must proceed from a pure heart or it is nothing more than dead works of self-righteousness.

Outward holiness protects us from temptation. We give the correct signals to the world and we build a hedge around our lives (through the Holy Spirit) that keeps the tempter away.

I. CARNALNATURE–All women have two natures – the “Carnal Nature” and the “Spiritual Nature.” We are going to first study the carnal side of our nature.

A. There are two temptations that we face in this present world.

1. The first temptation is “REBELLION AT A SUBSERVIENT ROLE.”

a. Mannish Behavior

1.) Actions

2.) Walk

b. Mannish Dress

c. Mannish Appearance

1.) Hair

2.) Clothing

d. What is the Abomination of Deut. 22:5? (Distinction of sexes).


1905-women wore bloomers for sports

World War 1- “boyish look” became popular

1919-Chanel (designer) created sailor skirts and overalls for factories -WW1

1930-wide-legged pants worn by women to play golf and ride horses.  (Before this women wore divided full skirts for such activities).

1930’s-actress Marlene Dietrich shocked delicate society by dressing in men’s clothing In her movies.

1940’s-WW II-women went to work in factories wearing men’s apparel.

1950’s-trousers or dungarees were popular among the society rich for the daytime leisure activities and feminine apparel for the evening. (I Love Lucy).

1960’s-T.V. actress, Mary Tyler Moore caused an outrage in America when she appeared on T.V. wearing “capri pants” (tight legged-pants).

1970’s-Great Sexual Revolution- Hippies, freelove, UNISEX-same clothing for men and women (pant suits, etc.)

1980’s-Hollywood began encouraging lesbianism and homosexuality. Movies were made in which men dressed as women and vice versa. This was called “cross dressing.” The movies were supposed to be comedies. But society was on a downward spiral into the Abominations of Deut. 22:5 beginning with the Feminists movement and Gay Rights.

2. The second temptation is to believe the lie that “SEXY IS BEAUTIFUL.”

a. Hair- in face, rumpled, not neat in appearance

b. Makeup

(l.)Eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, “Eyes” appear darker, ‘sexier’

(2.)Lipstick, rouge, reddened lips and cheeks (impression of sexual arousal)

C. Igbo tribe in Nigeria believe that the wearer of a mask is the recipient of spirits…braver…more able to face the world. Modern women ‘put on their paint’ or ‘war paint.’


1915-first eyebrow pencils and lipsticks manufactured in the U.S.A.

1920-until this time women lost their jobs if they wore makeup

1920’s-men objected to their wives wearing even light colors on their faces.

1930’s-again the movies glamorized makeup and immodest dress.

1940’s-some women in cities began wearing brighter makeup with the onset of WWII.

1950’s-with the advent of television, housewives started to wear more makeup on their full faces (lips & eyes). Advertisements promised excitement and allure. Women began coloring their hair.

1960’s-stage-like makeup with contour shading was popular.

1970’s-Hippie Movement – natural look returned with natural products. Hollywood kept the makeup industry alive even against the culture.

1980’s-partial nudity and nudity appeared in films and on TV. Makeup was even worn to bed in the movies.

e. Clothing

1.) Short or tight skirts, pants or shorts revealing crotch area, thighs or knees

2.) Tight blouses or sweaters-see-thru tops, halter tops-swimsuits which reveal or emphasize the breasts.

3.) Sleeveless or low-necked tops which reveal curve of shoulder or cleavage.

These are ‘private’ areas which visually affect a man. They are suggestive and call attention to your body. These things don’t affect women but they- TURN MEN ON!!!

3. “The Sensual Dresser” – the author of this book advocates  accentuating a woman’s sensuality through dress, makeup & jewelry to sexually entice a man .

When a woman is truly a harlot, she has no shame indoctrinating others in her evil ways. Remember the story of Dinah in Gen. 34. Dinah slipped away from her spiritual authority and decided to live dangerously just one day in her young life. She entered Shechem and made friends of the local girls. They gave her the works-color coded her and gave her a make-over. In the end she looked just like them. Only she did not realize that they were all harlots. When the prince saw her he got the same signals from her as from the others and took her into his room, violating her. In the end her life was ruined by that one encounter with harlotry. Be careful who your friends are, girls!

4. OBSERVATIONS -What signals are we giving and what are their responses?

1960’s- miniskirts and makeup (signal). High incidence of rape (response).

1970’s-Unisex clothing (signal). Increase in lesbianism and homosexuality (response).

1980’s-Children dressed in ‘sexy’ clothing and wearing makeup (signal). Increase in child sexual abuse and pornography (response).1990’s-Drugged and desensitized America nudity in movies, television and on the beaches (signal). Increase in satanism, witchcraft and sorcery (response).

We have let loose all kinds of unclean spirits upon America. It is time for America to repent and where better for revival to start than with those who gave birth to its citizens – its women, its wives, mothers and daughters? Let us draw near to the Lord and please Him, not our own carnality or the lusts of men. Then and only then can we attain the holy calling of womanhood – to be like Sarah, a princess with God. I Pet. 3:16

The holy woman will listen to the Bible.

A. About makeup – Antimony (lead substance) Khol, Mascara, etc.?

1. II Kings 9:30. . . .Jezebel

2. Proverbs 6:24-32, 7:5-27

3. Jeremiah 4:27-31

4. Ezekiel 23:40

5. Esther 2:15…..Esther

B. About Clothing?

1. Deuteronomy 22:5

2. I Timothy 2:9

3. Isaiah 47:23–baring leg

C. About the ‘attire of a harlot’?

1. Prov. 7:10

2. Hosea 2–Gomer and Hosea

3. Gen 38:14-19–Tamar

D. About adultery?

1. MEN can commit adultery with their eyes. Matt 5:28

2. Adulterers will go to Hell. Rev 21:8

E. About distinction between the Sexes?

1. Hair Length -I Cor. 11:1 – 16

a. Men–short hair

b. Women–long hair (literally let your hair grow long)

c. Absalom–II Sam 18:9, 14:26

d. Women made bald to be cursed or shamed.

(1). Jer. 7:29

(2). Isaiah 3:17, 24

(3). Jer. 8:2

e. Ornaments braided into hair–I Pet. 3:3

2. Deut. 22:5–clothing different. Every culture in the world follows this law.

III. Outward Holiness protects a women from temptation. Men will ‘think twice’ before flirting with a ‘holy’ woman. If we dress like the world we will give the same ‘subconscious sexual signals’ that they are giving and leave ourselves open to real temptation and sin!

Remember we are God’s holy women for our day. We must look back to the “holy women of old” and pattern our lives after theirs. We cannot use the logic of this world and compare ourselves to the unholy women of
our generation. Our souls hang in the balance. Only the word of God can give us a solid and sure foundation upon which to build moral principles.

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