Women’s Ministry Workbook

Women’s Ministry Workbook
Julia Bettencourt

Do you have lots of ideas and pages that you’ve gathered up from the www.juliabettencourt.com website and from other sources? Get organized by making your own Women’s Ministry Workbook. That’s Workbook, not Notebook because you want it to be a “working book” and something you’ll use and not just put on a shelf.

There are some things you may just want to save to a computer file but most of the women’s ministry pages on this website are geared for you to use in planning meetings with your Women’s Ministry staff and leaders. A Women’s Ministry Workbook is a great way to keep hard copies of your information on hand and then you’ll be able to carry your workbook back and forth to planning meetings and have everything you need with you in one place.

What you’ll need:

* A 3-Ring Binder. At least a 2 inch size because you’ll be placing a lot of pages in your Workbook. It’s something you’ll want to grow over time so you’ll want plenty of room for growth. You may want to purchase a smaller 1 inch binder just for devotionals. It’s up to how much you make use of them.
* Package of 3-Ring Dividers With Tabs (You’ll need to decide on how many sections you’ll want.)
* Package of 3-Ring Clear Page Sheet Protectors (You can get 50 or 100 sheet Value packs at Walmart and Staples)
* 3 Ring Hole Punch (Unless you use pre-punched computer paper.)


1. Make the labels for your Tab Dividers. Here’s some basic sections, but you may have something else you may need to add or some sections you won’t need or you may want to organize them your own way and lump some of the categories together.

This section is for things you are currently working on, your ladies group’s list of names and info, your ladies group prayer list, your current schedule, etc.

Games, Puzzles, Conversation Starters

Favors and Small Gifts.
Ideas for Event Favors and Door prizes

Basic WM Helps.
Articles and Helps for WM in General such as organization, team building helps, etc.
Skit Ideas and Resources

Activity and Project Ideas for your group

Sister Programs.
Secret Sister, Prayer Sister Helps and Ideas

Theme Ideas for Monthly Meetings and Special Events

Print Ready Pages.
Ready Printable Copies of Handouts, etc.

You may want to get a separate binder just for devotionals. It’s up to how many you want to keep on hand.

Special Ideas for Holiday Meetings and Events

Poetry and Sayings.
Special Poems, Lists of Sayings on Various Topics, etc.

2. Print what you want from the www.juliabettencourt.com website. Some of the pages are available in pdf and doc. file format which are great for printing purposes, although you are welcome to print out any article from the website that you think would be helpful in your life and ministry.

3. Punch holes in your pages except for pages that are ready printable that you will be using for copy purposes.

4. Place ready printable pages (such as handouts, devotionals, etc.) into the page protector sheets so that they will stay clean and neat until you are ready to use them.

5. Add in any ideas you already have on hand such as your own game ideas, your own devotionals, poems, etc.

6. Have any poems, ideas, or things for your Workbook on scraps of paper? Perhaps carrying them in your bible or stuffed in a drawer? Now’s the time to type them up and make them useful.

7. Have a section you know you’ll use constantly more than the others? Use a different color of computer paper just for that section.
8. Make a cover for your Women’s Ministry Workbook. If you get a 3-Ring Binder with the clear slip in cover slot on the front, a cover page is easy to add. Make your own or print the one that is available for you. Another reason for having the slip cover on the front of your notebook is that it is a good place to keep your to do list.

Copyright 2007 Julia Bettencourt