Worksheet for Fathers

As never before, a challenge is going forth to the men; a challenge for commitments to fatherhood and to manhood that will bring a renewal in the men of our country. Certainly our enemy seeks to emasculate the strength of the male figure in our world today, but hungry hearts are finding help and hope in God’s word. Here is a worksheet for fathers to check themselves by. Be honest with yourself! Use this to stretch yourself and get ready to grow in the Lord and your family.

1. Are you more positive or negative? Do your children think of you as a “don’t do that” person or a “let’s do this” person?

2. In what way(s) do you actively teach your children scriptural principles of living (e.g. the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, longsuffering)?

3. Are your children proud of you? Cite a recent example of when they lost some respect for you, and how you did or can correct it.

4. In what ways do you respect the individual rights of each member of your family?

5. When you correct a child for wrongdoing, do you really try to understand why he did what he did?

6. You are, no doubt, keenly aware that you responsible to God for the behavior of your children. What are you doing to make them aware of this fact?

7. What action do you take to show your children the same spirit of love and forgiveness that God shows toward you?

8. List five ways in which you could or do assert leadership in your home.

9. What practical means do you use to communicate love to your children?

10. Review in your mind the evidences of change in your life which the Holy Spirit has brought about. Now name two more areas where you want Him to work beginning now.