Ye Shall Be Witnesses

“Ye Shall Be Witnesses” Church Survey
By Ron Knott

Below is a church survey to make church members more aware of the tremendous responsibility that each layperson has in winning unsaved people. This questionnaire allows each member to grade himself on his accomplishments or deficiency in witnessing. The main purpose is to make each person aware that there is more to a Christian commitment than sitting on a pew. It is designed to reveal where we are weak or strong in witnessing so that we can take corrective action. Another purpose is to discover why more members are not teaching home Bible studies so that our outreach department can determine the need and areas of training.

This questionnaire has already been used in several churches. From these churches, more than 80 percent of the respondents had not given a Bible study in the last year; over 70 percent had never won a soul although some had been in the church more than 20 years; over 90 percent invited someone to church in the last year but were not effective; over 90 percent had made an attempt to witness to someone in the last year but were not convincing; and more than 80 percent stated that they needed more training in giving home Bible studies or in the simple mechanics of a convincing witness.

The following questionnaire is a personal and private evaluation of witnessing. The purpose of this evaluation is for each of us to take a look-see at our own individual witnessing program. It is designed to allow you to judge, from your own honest answers, how you are obeying the command, “Ye shall be witnesses.”

We would like for you to place the completed questionnaire in a sealed envelope and drop it in the offering plate when completed. Please do not put your name on the questionnaire.

Please answer the following questions:


Situational Awareness

This part of the questionnaire is for self-analysis.

1. How many people have you witnessed to in the last year? none__ 1 to 5__ 5 or more__

2. How many people have you invited to church in the last year? none__1 to 5__5 or more__

3. How many home Bible studies have you given in the last year? none__1 to 5__5 or more__

4. How many of our members have you called, when they were absent from church, to see why they were absent?

none__1 to 5__5 or more__

5. How many backsliders have you contacted in the last year? none__1 to 5__5 or more__

6. How many people have you led to repentance and baptism since you have been in the church?
none__1 to 5__5 or more__

7. Do you feel that you could give a Bible study to a hungry candidate, proving the Bible plan of salvation?
yes_______ no_______
(If your answer to number 7 is no, please answer question 8 and 9; if your answer is yes, skip to question 10.)

8. Which of the following statements most describes why you are unable to teach
a Bible study? (Circle one.)
a. I have been in church for only a short time and feel that I need more training in this area.
b. I don’t think it is my responsibility to teach Bible studies.
c. I would like to teach a Bible study but I do not have time.
d. I do not know anyone to whom I could teach a Bible study.

9. Which of the following statements most describe what you would be willing to do to aid yourself in teaching a Bible study? (Circle one.)
a. Nothing.
b. Attend a Bible study seminar taught at the church.
c. Call the visitors at our services to set up a Bible study.
d. Pray that the Lord will lead me to a hungry person.


Effective Assertion

This part of the questionnaire is to give you an opportunity to express your views, comments, and constructive criticism. This can be done by stating the problem and proposing a solution.

10. How do you feel that the church as a whole could be more effective in winning the lost?

11. How do you feel that the church could retain more of the new converts who have repented, been baptized in Jesus’ name, and received the Holy Ghost?

12. What programs or functions would you like to see implemented in the church that you feel would maximize our effectiveness in soulwinning and in retaining new converts?

13. Please indicate your age group. 15 to 19__, 20 to 39__, 40 + __

14. Please indicate how long you have been in the church. Less than 2 years__, 2-5 years__, 5 years or more__.

Brother Knott is a member of the First United Pentecostal Church in Euless, Texas. An airline pilot and businessman, he has authored “Trophies of Heaven”, a book on soulwinning published by Word Aflame Press.

This article is from: Forward Magazine, April-June, 1991.
Christian Information Network.