Kevin Bass

Ephesians 4: 12


INTRODUCTION: Whether you have ever stopped to realize it or not, you have a ministry. The basic functions of the church are Bring Them In! Fill Them Up! Send Them Out! The job of the minister is to aid in perfecting the saints, for the work of the ministry. My aim is to set before you a program in which we can all work. Find your ministry and then work in that capacity with all your hearts.


A. Church services – Let us bind ourselves together in unison to make every service and each part of the service as powerful as we can. Hebrews 10:25

B. Sunday School

1. Sunday school is designed to be a school of learning. Someone said there has been no teaching if there has no learning and vice versa.

a. Sought – Brought – Taught I Timothy 3:2

1. Where can we find people who will be seekers?
2. Who will give themselves to the blessings of bringing?
3. One of the greatest needs of our Sunday School is to have every
teacher with a burden and desire to teach.
4. Inspiration without education is frustration.

C. Bus Ministry

1. We are not reaching for noses, we are looking for souls.
2. Their parents are not all bums.

a. There are some precious souls that are the potential of a great revival.

1. Our bus ministry reaches into 150 families (minimum) each week.
2. Our counting noses is not good. We must compare what we are doing with the shekel of the sanctuary. Exd: 30:13
3. I would never deny that it is work but there is not a reward as great as to work for God.

D. Choir

1. Church choir – also the Junior Choir.

a. Spiritual singing is a very integral part of our service.
b. Singing and praise set the stage for the rest of the service.
c. God Wants us to be punctual – faithful – dependable.

E. Ladies Work

1. It is the desire and prayer of by heart that we could raise enough money to take care of the baby sitter so that the ladies committee can spend their time working for God and also arranging special social functions for our church.

a. Our church is made up of so many young couples and young people that we want to do something for all.

F. Basics of Pentecost

1. Prayer and fasting. A church without prayer and fasting is a powerless church.

2. Worship and praise – A church without worship and praise is a dead church.



1. Here is a readymade prospect list. No cold turkey door-knocking.
2. Their children is the open door to their homes.
3. Here is a minimum of 150 families just waiting to be reached.


We probably have 10 to 20 people per week that are either directly or indirectly connected with this church that are in the hospital. I believe that through this program we can be of great comfort to the ill and also reach many people to tell them about Jesus. We would not just reach the ones that we went to visit, but also their roommates and anyone else that the Lord might lead us to that is lonely or depressed. It is possible for us to reach over 200 hungry people per month through this Hospital Ministry, That is over 2400 hungry people per year. We need a group of volunteers that can really take this program to heart and I believe God will open doors unlimited.


At this time I feel we need to pursue two phases of the prison ministry. First we need to put the most emphasis in our mission a Seagoville F.C.I. with regular weekly services inside the prison. Also
we hope to start working with the prisoners on a one to one basis in counseling and bringing them out on Sundays to our services. This ministry will take people with a real burden to reach these prisoners. We will utilize our singers, ministers, workers and etc. in this outreach. The other program within this outreach is the Dallas County Juvenile Center. We plan to have one service per month at the Center, But most of this ministry is on a one to one basis in their V.I.P. program. Much of this will be done after the juvenile goes home. We need volunteers who really have a burden for this work.


We plan on making special efforts to start setting up where the most people can be reached. Also through this outreach we plan to start some campus rallies at some of the local colleges. We hope to involve the Youth Outreach in the Street ministry, We are now in the process of having some seminars to instruct people to work with those who come around the street wagon and also those you meet on the street, stores, etc.


Everyone who visits our church is hungry for God! It is very important that we make contact with these people within three days after they visit. Also the people that are involved in this ministry need to make it a point to meet these people and get all the information you can, this will give them a better rapport when they make their visit. Also we have many contacts with hungry people each week in our everyday life. We need to continue working with these people indefinitely until they are saved or until we feel they are no longer interested.


It is our responsibility to help all our new brothers and sisters to become established Christians and to encourage our brothers and sisters that might be having a trial or are low in spirit. Also we can do a much better job of welcoming new people who move here from other churches. Our plan of action on new converts is to start to work on them immediately after they receive the Holy Ghost and water baptism. We will have people trained to be called into action on a minute’s notice. The person or persons that we select to work with an individual will be introduced to them at the time of conversion. We will give them a Word of Flame Bible with seven book markers placed at the place in the Bible for a short Bible study for the next seven days. These will be uplifting scriptures, something they will enjoy and will turn them into other phases of Bible study. The person that is assigned to this new convert will be asked to make contact with him each day either in person or on the phone. They will be trained to discuss the Bible scriptures on the seven day Bible study and any other pertinent questions that might arise. Overall, this person’s main job would be to encourage, inspire and to instill in the convert the beautiful life they can have if they continue to live for God. These workers are asked to continue their fellowship and work with the convert until the new convert is an active member of the body of Jesus Christ.

We will form a program for welcoming new people from other churches to ours. We will make sure that they are being visited and are becoming an active member of the church. We will use basically the same format as on people who become depressed, lonesome or for some reason do not feel like they are a part of the church. True Love is the Key:

We would also like to have monthly orientation meetings for all new people. We would like to really play this meeting up big, At this meeting we would like to accomplish several things. Among them would be: Inspire them to study their Bible, pray and fast, witness about their experience, live a clean , now exciting Christian life and become totally involved in the church.


1. II Corinthians 5:17
” New Creatures in Christ”

2. Galatians 5:22-23
“Fruit of the Spirit”

3. Hebrews 4:15 Hebrews 9:14
“Temptations is not sin, the yielding is!”

4. Galatians 5:16 Philippians 4:8-9
“Walk in Spirit”

5. Acts 1:8 Philippians 4:13
“Power to become Witnesses”

6. I Thessalonians 5:17 Luke 18:1

7. Romans 12:16-21 Colossians 3:14-16 Hebrews 4:1-3
“Overcoming Evil”

G. Let’s Be Friends

There are sixty to seventy new families per week moving into the city of Richardson. We need to contact these people on a regular basis each week, They are ready to meet new friends and since we have the love of Jesus Christ to expose, we should be the first there and the ones to really make friends. This can be one of the greatest outreaches that we have, These new move-ins are in new homes, starting new jobs and starting to new schools. Why wouldn’t they want to start to a new church where everyone is extremely friendly?


1. This is a ministry that could be accomplished by these who are unable to get out much, or maybe you could do it in your spare time of work or sometime during the day when you have a spare moment.

2. This ministry is designed to reach (1) absentees, (2) sick and shut-ins, (3) encourage the discouraged, (4) anyone else you may have a burden for.


1. This ministry will reach into the nursing homes, comforting those who have lost a loved one, visiting the sick and shut-ins, etc.


1. This ministry will be divided into five phases:

a. Men’s outreach:

1. Promote men’s breakfast or luncheons combined with devotionals among business men, etc.

2. Strive to include men in Bible studies (preferably in group sessions or with families).

3. Reach for the unsaved husbands of sisters in our church.

4. Research other areas that we can help reach men.

5. Strive for a closer fellowship among our own men.

b. Women’s outreach

1. Attend and promote Thursday morning prayer meetings. This will not only get women to pray but will introduce new people to our church.

2. Encourage home prayer meeting in smaller groups (under proper supervision) thus trying to reach your friends and neighbors who may otherwise not come to church.

3. Strive to have Home Bible Study Courses as much as possible.

c. Youth Outreach

1. Assist in evangelizing at street meetings, as many of the people who come to street meetings are young.

2. Be mobile in and out of season to help in passing out tracts at any opportunity that avails itself.

3. To actively visit and win any visitors in this age bracket that visits our church.

4. P.S.F.I.-Pentecostal Student Fellowship International

– College Campus Graduates
– High School Bible Study ( Perhaps during lunch hour)
– Let your time work for you

d. Children’s outreach

1. Strive to form a religious boy and girl scout troop.

2. Set up a witnessing training program for our children that they may know how to witness for Jesus.

3. When they become old enough (mature enough) to be of help in the bus ministry, get them involved. Children attract children. The use of these children will have to be approved by the bus captain with which they are to work.

e. It is our desire in the very near future to have some seminars by guest speakers on the Total Home. Dates will be announced in advance so everyone can come.

K. Other ministries will be added as time goes on. Please keep your copy of this program close to your altar of prayer.


Maybe Monday night, entire family stays home, and head of house, teaches the Search for Truth Home Bible Study Course. (After that the pastor will introduce other studies. He may want to have a class to teach the heads of the house how to teach.) The family would have a good prayer meeting following the lesson. (A little more than the normal “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer.)

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