“You Have Need, I Have God”

Jim Larson

Turn in your Bible to Philippians the 4th chapter.

I get a lot of periodicals in my office. Magazines from different groups and denomination. I couldn’t help but notice that so many things written today. Did you know that there’s some church groups, there’s a lot of people in the world today that feel that the church is going out of business. They put it in print, they put it in church magazines. They feel the church is going out of business today one denomination even
stated that they had more church buildings then preachers to put in their pulpits. They had a decline of preachers to fill pulpits and they made the statement a large denomination saying the church is going out of business – they made the statement that they felt the reason for it was that there was no longer a compelling urge in the breast and the heart of a man’s soul to win the lost and to do the work of the
ministries. That was their opinion. But I want you to know something tonight, we have entered the churches golden area. There’s no day for the church like our day and brother the church is in business tonight and we are going to be in business till Jesus comes. Brother we’re going to be in some kind of business.

Thank God for the presence of the Lord tonight, don’t you? Thank God for his presence. Praise God. The presence of the Lord is something, I said it this morning, I don’t ever want to become common place to me. I remember clearly, as sharp as a razor, I remember how I felt odd by the presence of God when I was a sinner and I was unprepared for my soul to meet eternity. I remember how I felt when I would come into the saint’s sanctuary. I remember when I use to visit Calvary Tabernacle – the awe that I would feel. The presence of God would be in the hollow place and I don’t ever want to lose that appreciation. Tonight I’m no longing fearful to the presence of God because I’m on the other side of Calvary but it’s the thing that I want is the thing that I need tonight. I need the Spirit of God to overwhelm me and flow over my soul and baptize me spirit all over again. And every time I come to church I want the sweet spirit of God to move upon me. Praise God! Well, Thank the Lord. Philippians chapter 4 and I’m going to begin reading in a moment at the 16th verse- I also just like to say to you tonight that it is a privilege to stand before a group of people that are in the heat of a battle tonight. It is a privilege to stand before you laboring so hard and realizing, recognizing tonight that you are birthing a vision of a new sanctuary. I know what you stand for and I know how you feel about Jesus Christ tonight, And I just feel a specially privileged to be attached to this group of people called Calvary Tabernacle.

I want to preach from the 4th chapter of Philippians beginning at the 8th verse down through the 16th verse and I would like you to notice very carefully reading of God’s Word tonight. I feel like He wants to
talk to every soul here in a special way.

“Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just. whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if
there be any virtue, if there be any praise, think on these things.” Those things which ye have both learned and received and heard and seen in me do.”

Would you say DO?

“And the God of peace shall be with you, but I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, but now at the last your care of me hath flourished again where in ye were also careful but ye lacked opportunity. Not that I speak in
respect of want, for I have learned in whatsoever state I am there with to be content.”

You know not that many people have learned that, folks. They are few and far between that have really learned what Paul said right there, “Whatsoever state I am in there with to be content.” And you know in verse 12 is even harder;

“I know both how to be abased and I know how to abound, everywhere in and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and. . .”

We don’t like this but its there. “to suffer need.”

There’s just some people that can’t do that. There’s just some people who are going to pull the rip cord and bail out if they have to suffer any kind of need.

“Not withstanding. . .” Now listen to this verse 13.

I can do all things through Christ, which strengthen me. Not withstanding ye have well done that ye did communicate with me afflictions. Now ye Philippians know also that in the beginning of the gospel when I departed from Macedonia, no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving but ye only.”

Now verse 19:

“But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. Now unto God and our Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.”

And I want to preach tonight on the subject, “You have a need, but I have a God.” You may be seated. God bless you.

Praise God. What a time it’s going to be when we get in the Holy city and we have made it in. And we actually see what our labors have amounted too. Won’t that be a day? Be an hour like no other hour you’ve ever seen. And I want you to understand that there is something in the scriptures that amaze me. This is not my message, but I would like to open up with the 25th chapter of the book of Matthew and have you see something that just amazes me in the scriptures. Remember when the Lord, Jesus said to those that came to him, they said, “Lord have we not prophesied in thy name, have we not done many wonderful works in thy name, have we not cast out devils in thy name?” And the Lord said to
them, “Depart from me, I never knew you. Go unto your place or iniquity.” And that’s usually what we think of in these verses of scriptures as those people that are brought out that didn’t make it in.

But I want to bring out one thing that just sorta inspires me tonight. And I’d like you to know that when you live for Jesus – you are going to be shocked what is accredited to you for your labours when this life is over. You’re gonna be shocked how God felt out the little things that you did for people. And the little things you didn’t feel was very important for the Kingdom of God. It’s gonna be accredited to you for
your labour. And you are gonna be amaze of how much you really have done and how far reached in the effects is. I just want to remind you of the 35th verse, “for I was hunger, you gave me meat, I was a stranger and you took me in, naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came unto me,” and all these things they asked these questions and the king shall answer in verse 40 and said unto them, “Certainly I say unto you in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Praise God! And I want you to know tonight things have happen in the Kingdom of God through you giving, through your sacrifices, through you efforts,
through your ability, through your talents, that you never ever knew of, never knew it happened. And, I continually am amazed when I go to different places and I run across people that, five years ago or six
years ago or somewhere they just happen to be in a youth service or a service that night and got the Holy Ghost and its just amazing to see when you labour in the Kingdom of God how you saw things that will never ever be taken away from you as you labour for God. Can you say Praise the Lord?

Now this message tonight should enlarge your thinking, should enlarge your thought process, your thought ability and uplift you in faith tonight. And we’re going to preach about some things to help you be a better wife, and to be a better husband, and to be a better saint, and to be a better young person, and to be a better individual or whatever. How many feel like you’d like to be a better husband or a better wife, or a better saint? How many would like to just better yourself tonight? By the help of the Lord, whatever you are, whatever you are. Praise God!

Put your Bible right there in the book of Philippians and let me start out tonight and buying some things to you that are so tremulous. Paul is writing a letter to the church at Philippi, the Philippian church. Its a letter that’s amazing, it really blows your mind when you get into it. And I want you to take a fresh look into it tonight and see what the apostle Paul is saying. Verse 5 and 6 are so understanding if you look
at them for a moment and notice what the apostle says here, the last portion of the 5th verse he says “. . . the Lord is at hand,” that’s a mouthful, “. . . the Lord is at hand,” and then he goes on to say in the
6th verse. Now you interpret it the way you would like, but let me read it to you in English version, it says, “Be careful, for nothing,” you know who Hes talking to? He’s talking to the Philippian church. And
he’s encouraging them to be careful in the realms of faith and the Holy Ghost for nothing. Don’t worry about a thing. And he’s actually telling them to be reckless as a Christian in your faith. He’s saying be
reckless in your giving. He’s saying be reckless in stepping out to do something for God, And he’s talking to people that repented of their sins in an alter somewhere and got baptize in Jesus name for the remission of their sins and that was filled with the Holy Ghost speaking with other tongues as the spirit gave the utterance. Who have like passions like you and I have and Paul says, “the Lord is at hand, be careful for nothing.” I want that to seek in and marinate for a moment. What are you saying, Brother Larson? One translation said, “Don’t be too worried about anything.” Another translation says, “Don’t get anxious when it comes to spiritual things.” When you are doing a spiritual adventure, when you launched out on faith, don’t get shaken up, “the Lord is at hand, be careful for nothing.” You can get reckless and then the scope of the message that I’m going to bring as a text to you is the 19th verse and I want you to look at it again, let your eyeballs read it and see it, “But my God shall supply all.”

A double L, for the sake of you just preaching with me, everybody say all.

All your needs and the word “your need” is jumping out like flames off fire tonight.

All your needs according to His riches in glory.”

Now there is two sides to every preacher, I don’t care if its the general superintendent, or anybody in the world that is a preacher. There are two sides. There is the fiery pulpit tear in the pulpit under the anointing of the Holy Ghost and that’s what it takes to get the job done. And then there’s the human side of a preacher when he’ alone with his defeats. And he’s swallowed up in his needs- And he’s alone in his
house, in his study and he can’t sleep and he watches the sun come up and he feels absolutely out of strength. And he’s pleading for the help of God. How many have ever been in a place like that? That’s the two sides to every preacher in the world.

Just want you to know, that is a fact, I don’t care if the Norman Vincent Peale, I don’t care how they sound in the pulpit, we are human beings in this life. And, I remember very much, Brother Mathis, that,
when I was an evangelist I had the luxury of having about 60 sermons that I could preach over and over again as an evangelist because I was always preaching to new congregations, and, Brother Godwin, when I would go in to preach there, there were some messages I would preach biweekly or every other week for about 5 years and it got to the place where that I preached them so much I didn’t need my notes anymore, I had the scriptures memorized, I had the vibrations memorized, I had the conclusions memorized and brother I could turn lose with confidence in the pulpit and uh sometimes an evangelist can come in and you think he’s got the Bible memorized – he’s just preached it a hundred times. But when you start pastoring it fresh manna all the time and you got no where to practice.

I know some preachers will get a message and they’ll go out in the woods and they’ll preach for the birds. They’ll preach the whole message to the birds up in the tree. And after they have bored the birds, they’ll
take it to the church. And there’s different things that preachers will do in getting ready for a sermon, Now I’ve tried some different things. There’s times, brother, I wish I could leave my study and have the
pulpit right now. I wish I could just have it right now.

I thought that people were going to be turned upside down and then it didn’t happen when I got in the pulpit Sunday night or whatever. And there’s been times that I’ve been so inspired I have walked out of a
room and said Honey this can’t wait. Stop what you’re doing, sit down, I’m gonna preach to you a little bit.” And I’ll began to turn lose and preach at her and say you gotta hear this thought, I got it from the
Lord. And I’ll be preaching at her and look at her for a little bit and stop and say something is wrong with you women, you’re not jumping up and down. And she’s done those little things before where sometimes she clapped a little bit or waved a hand, I guess just to get out of it. And those things happen. But I want you to know that this man the apostle Paul he brings a letter to the church at Philippi and he comes on
strong. He brings out to them by observing you church the Philippi church by hearing your testimonies and by looking at you he says I’ve observed something. YOU are consumed by a need, but I’ve got you
covered. I’ve got you covered. I have a God.

I don’t know about you, but that just sounds a little bit brassy. I almost think that Paul comes on a little cocky sounded. You have a need, but I’ve got a God. And if I was sitting in that congregation I’d probably want to jump up and say wait a minute Paul, we got the same God you’ve got. I’ve got a God, He loves me just like He loves you, Paul. I probably want to say, who do you think you are saying you have a God, we
got a need. And he comes across that way. but I”d like you to notice something real carefully. Paul when he makes the statement, he extracts God out of the statement. And he expresses the problem and the need and he says you have a need, you’ve got some problems. He didn’t talk about God, he doesn’t magnify God, he magnifies the need, And he’s talking to folks just like you sitting here tonight. Paul had so much brass. Really, he was so strong about some of the statements that he had.

Here’s a man that was so strong I’LL tell you what, Brother Don Cunningham, he couldn’t sing in the choir, he was not a choir man, he had to be a soloist or nothing, that’s the Apostle Paul. He comes on
strong, he comes on harsh, he comes on cocky. He was sure of his God. And he was so strong that the Lord before he got saved, God almighty Himself had to knock that fellow down with a light that was brighter then the noon day sun and in the brightness of the glory of God he propped himself up on his elbows and he looked up at the sky and he said, “Who in the world are you, Lord?” Blind as a bat – asking God who He is.

The fellow was educated at the feet of a well educated person. Had a P.H.D. from Butler University. The man was well tune to the ways to society. Here was a man who absolutely had all kinds of ability and the
Lord cuts him down. And he is the one that wrote later on he’s the one that penned, “We are to come boldly unto the throne of Grace.” Into the throne of God to receive our need and receive the grace of God. He said just walk in boldly that’s what Paul wrote. And he is saying Who are you Lord in the great big light an brother he got the greatest education, he got the greatest revelation, he got the greatest simple truth in all the Bible in one little experience that gets him on fire and changed his life and made him one of the most anointed writers of the New Testament.

The voice said, “I am Jesus,” found out who God was. He was in the dispersing hand, to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, All the fullness of the Godhead dwelleth in Him bodily. But here’s this man, brother he was the soloist. Here’s a fellow – you talk about brass, Brother Gilley, he stood toe to toe and nose to nose and argued with Simon Peter. Here’s a fellow that brought his ways – he was a new comer, standing up against traditionalist. I mean he was the new Johnny on the block – standing up against somebody that’s been to Calvary Tabernacle for 60 years. You know he was that new follower – he just come in there nose to nose with Simon Peter and toe to toe he stood up to him and talked back to him – let him know how he felt and brother he didn’t seem to realize that Simon Peter had a reputation, that he could get angry and when he gets angry he pulls a sword out and cuts your ear off and he
was talking to somebody and all kinds of problems with the flesh. But he stood there nose to nose, toe to toe, looked him right in the face and had his disagreements with him, this fellow was something else and he writes to the Philippian church and says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Hallelujah! Strengthen me. I want you to know something he goes on in the letter and he lets them know – you people are eaten up with your problem – you got a need, but I have a God.

He was being smart-aleck – I don’t think he was being boastful, I don’t believe he was being brazen about it – I don’t believe there was anything at all like that. He just saw people- human beings – vessels – temples of the Holy Ghost-Holy Ghost filled people – apostles, he look into their faces and was inspired of God to write and to preach to them because he saw a people that were upset by a need. And he said I got a God. What are you saying Brother Larson? Let me tell you what I’m saying. Some of us get so anxious about our problems that we absolutely get down. There’s people sitting here tonight that are bounded by a problem. That’s all they can see. That’s all they can hear, That’s all they can relate too. That’s all they can think. They are committed to the negative – they are dedicated to their problem. Some people sale out God and dedicate their life to the need that they got. You think about that for a moment.

I want you to just think about it for a moment, There’s no use in talking to me about God tonight preacher – you see I’ve got a need. I’LL never forget last year – my first time in my life in New York City with Brother Stoneking, And I’m telling you- when I looked up at the Empire State Building, and the Twin Trade Towers – I thought my God human hands put this together. Human ability named this monument. And I stood up at the Empire State Building and I looked up and it blocked out the sky, my
friend, it blocked out airplanes. When you stand up to something that tall – you can’t see nothing but it. I’m telling you when something is that tall that’s all you can see. It goes like a missile, it looks like a missile that has gone into the heavens.

It just goes and goes and goes. And I looked at the Empire State Building and I think about it tonight and there’s people right here on Sunday night at Calvary Tabernacle you’re standing up to your problem
and it looks like the Empire State Building and you can’t see God, you can’t see the birds, you can’t see the stars, you can’t see victory, all you got is a need. You’re eaten up with it. I know people that know what I’m talking about tonight. I know people that go to bed with their need – eat their Wheaties with their need – wake up with it – put it in the car right next to them on the armrest – look a their need all day – take it to the hamburger shop – put it in the bath tub with them – bathe with it – talk to every body about it – eaten up with it – consume with it – think about it – dream it – live it – sleep it – they got a need.

They don’t see anything but their need. They got a problem – they’re eaten up with their problem to the place where they can’t see God in it. Somebody say Amen, They walk right up to it – put their nose on it –
that’s all they can see, How are we going to finish this thing? How are we going to see a difference? How are we going to make it through this thing? And when you get on top of a problem so close to you that’s all you see, let me tell you what it will do to you because I know human nature tonight to know that a problem and a need can become so great and so essential created in your thinking that you become paranoid – it will push you into a corner – you’ll feel sorry for yourself – you’ll get all eaten up with self-centeredness – you’ll look at yourself and look at your problem – and you’ll be selfish because you’re so caught up in a need. I wouldn’t trade places with anyone tonight of being Pastor. I wouldn’t do it – I’m telling you Pastoring is something to behold because you are working with people that, and I tell you what, saints are cute, they are something else – I mean you come across everything in a scope of a year. Sometimes people can be wild – they can get wild with the things they can say out of their mouths.

And I want you to know that Doctors tell us that everybody is off just a little bit. That’s right! No body is on centered – everybody is off just a shade. And if you think you’re not off tonight – you just ask your
wife-The wife will tell you. Yes sir!! Everybody – no body is on target. Somebody is on one side leaning the other way. Doctors will tell you that. While I’m preaching right now there is probably someone in the
choir right now doodling with a pencil, writing on a little piece of paper – just drawing pictures of something. I ought to show it to the whole church. People are off just a little bit. Do things – strange
things – everybody!!! Everybody say Amen.

Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived besides Christ. And he was a builder of “the temple of God,” And when he got that temple built- they put the molders in the gods – they kicked the cement trucks over the cliff – they threw all the hammers in the woods – they threw the saws behind the barn. And they got their duds on and they combed their hair and they shined their shoes – and it built like a fire in their soul. And they went into the newly finished, constructed temple. Nobody has ever built a temple like that in history. It took them hundreds of men and thousands of men and many years. It’s unbelievable. But they walked into the temple – very, very carefully – the most beautiful ever. And I’m going to read to you what I wrote that Solomon said, the wisest man that ever lived, He said, “When they got into the temple, he said How can the God of all ages fit into this temple when the heavens of heavens can not contain my God. He said Heaven is His throne and earth is His footstool.” And I say to you tonight that my God is bigger than Calvary Tabernacle tonight. He’s all over this world – he fits in tomorrows and a building – He fills the outer reigns and the eons of the universe. He’s a great, big, wonderful God and He knows your need.

Some Pentecostals can look at their need and put God in a match box and shut it and just throw it down and put Him down, make Him so small. You’d think the whole church is falling apart. I’m not causing you to shout tonight – but I want you to know – something in the heart of Paul could decertain those people. He worked with them, he ministered to them, he saw them in their highs and their lows and this man recognized these folks had a need. But he said I’ve got something for you. I have a God. Now this happen to me awhile back hasn’t been any time recently so I’ve talked to a lot of people lately about their marriage – whole bunch of folks. So don’t think it’s you and don’t think it’s happen in the past few weeks because I’ve talked to you.

But I was talking to some folks that were having marriage troubles. And this good brother. he came, drove up, come here I’ve got to talk to you right now come here I’ve got to talk to you. He said I want you to know I’ve had it with her. I can’t take here another day. She’s nothing but a bag, I’m getting out of the situation that’s it I’m leaving – that’s it, it’s over. What do you think? I said brother I think you have pretty will made you’re mind up. Sounds to me like you have things going the way you want – he said do you think we should see a marriage counselor before we do this. I don’t want to sound to forward but I said let me tell you something you can have me for free because I need to counsel the marriage counselors because their not going to tell you what’s in the Bible. And then don’t have the direction of the Holy Ghost. And they weren’t put over you to watch for your soul. So you’re just going to spend some money and hear so tricks. But most of this has to be done at the alter anyhow. Well I’LL get back to that. But what I’m saying to you is people get crossed up in their brains, don’t they?

Don’t look at me like that. Dumbest man in the Bible – dumbest man in the Bible his name was Canon- You talk about dumb, ignorant- The man had free shoe shines – second in the kingdom, three car garage, fresh figs everyday, RCA stereo, home paid for, everything he wanted he had at his fingertips, and ten thousand Jews bowing down in front of him – he had if made, had it in the shade – everything going his way – didn’t realize how good he had it but he saw one Jew that wouldn’t bow and his need ate his lunch up. He couldn’t stand his job any more. He couldn’t eat – he got my grain headaches – he lost his appetite – he would come home an old bear and his kids would say what’s wrong with Daddy? Huh, he’s worried about a Jew that won’t bow down to him. He saw that Jew in his sleep – he saw that Jew when he ate his wheaties – he saw that Jew when he went to bed – he saw that Jew as tall as the Empire State Building. He couldn’t recognize that he had ten thousand other Jews bowing down, doing everything he needed. All he could think of is one Jew – all he could see is one Jew – all he became is upset with was one Jew – he got caught up with one problem – one raging mad problem, and brother he would cry on his wife’s shoulder – it upset him so much I want you to know that it absolutely destroyed him and he hung a wasted life in the gallows because he could only see his need. Ahab is another one.

He had every bit of real estate in the country but he had to have one vineyard. That spirit of , it’s not lust, it’s covetousness. It will kill you. It’ll kill you, friend. Folks here tonight unsatisfied with what they’ve got. Unsatisfied with their church, unsatisfied with the preacher, Unsatisfied with your family, unsatisfied, unsatisfied, never learned to be content – never learn to understand how good God is to you – never look to the blessings – never look to the promises – never looked at the pluses – never looked at all the things you’ve got – all you can see is your problem. It’ll kill you. It will eat you up, friend.

Let me get back to the husband. He said I can’t stand that woman – I can’t stand her. I said well brother lets do something. Let’s draw a line on the left side over here I want you to write down everything you
don’t like about her, 0.K.? On the right side of the line I want you to write everything you do like about her. And I said I’m going to help you, let me start, she’s a pretty woman – number one. Number two, she’s a good cook, number two. Let me help some more, number three, she’s a good mother, isn’t she? Yea, she’s a good mother. Go down the line a little bit write the things you like and you know what the old boy did? He filled up the paper, he filled up the sides and he said all these things I like about her. I said what don’t you like about her? He said you know it really comes down to one thing, there’s only one thing I don’t like about her. I pulled my hair and said My Lord man – most of the men in the world have all kinds of things they don’t like about their wives and you’ve got one thing you don’t like about her. You got probably the best wife in the whole world. He said I’m going to go home, I’ve got the best wife in the whole world, I’ve been a fool and I’m going to stay where I belong- He forgot to look on how good he had it. One thing I don’t like – I didn’t even ask what that was.

Somebody say Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. What are you saying Brother Larson? You hear what I’m saying tonight. There’s people at Calvary Tabernacle tonight and there’s been people at Calvary Tabernacle that bless your little heart concern yourself on one little thing, over one little problem. They walk out of the church – they quiet paying their tithes and they got on the high way of hell and they say I don’t care about burning in a devil’s hell forever. I’m not going back because they got eaten up by one little problem. All they could see was there problem – all they could see was one little thing out of wrack – all they could see is one thing they didn’t like – all they could see is something that didn’t hurl their hair something they really didn’t think it was the way it ought to be. Let me tell you something friend, it’s all they can see – it’s all they can talk about – it’s all they can hear and it’s all they can think about and they can only see their problem, but Paul said you might have a problem, but I have a God. What a God!! Crazy enough to walk out of a church. You don’t think we’re human beings? It can happen to the ministry.
I shouldn’t tell all these things on myself. There’s a time, a couple of years ago, maybe more than that, I came home from being at the church that day, I walk in the house and slammed the door. I had a frown on my face. My wife says, “What’s your problem?” I said, “I’m leaving this church, I’m getting out of here. I’m GONE!!!” “Where are we going?” “I haven’t even thought about it- I’m Gone!!” What’s your problem? Brother she read my map. I began to bellow out what my problem was, she looked
at me, you allow two or three people with their little problem to drive you battie. You’ve been sitting at that desk to long, you’ve been on that phone to long. What you need to do is get out there and win you a
soul and put them in the baptism tank and baptize them in Jesus name.

You got a thousand people on Sunday night jumping up and down talking in tongues. We gave more to missions this year then we ever have in our lives. There’s revival, things are going good and your talking about resigning – but brother you can look at your need until it eats you up. It was crazy!!! Worried about a couple of people – didn’t love the work of God, didn’t love me – didn’t love Calvary. And I was seeing them in my dreams, people that only loved themselves and loved their names. But we can become so consumed with a need as a person and we can’t see God. We can’t feel after God. We don’t know where God is. We wonder where in the world He went. You say God can take care of it, where is God? Who’s
God? What’s God got to do about life? You’re so eaten up with that need – but brother you look what it says in Philippians, chapter 4 and verses 11 & 12. This man was God-conscious. I think he got excited about God, I think he got excited when he saw needs because he knew what God could do. He said in Philippians chapter 11 or chapter 4 verse 11, Praise God, he said here, “Now that I speak in respect of want, for I have learned that whatsoever state I’m in there with to be content, I know both how
to be abased and I know both how to abound every where and in all things I am instructed, I am instructed both to be bold and to be hungry. both to abound and to suffer need.

Now this is a tiny minor, but there are some folks I have learned don’t you dare ask them how they are doing; unless you have got your secretary with you. That’s the truth. They are need-conscious. You look at Sister Hicks over there in a wheelchair – you won’t here her talking about her need. You’ll hear her talking about her God. Somebody say Praise the Lord. Going crazy, eaten up with a problem. We have a lot of precious ladies in this church that have unsaved husbands. That can become such an awesome, awesome problem. Wasn’t here, but I can remember one lady talking to me about her husband. Brother when she got done talking to him I was heading towards an hardware store to get two six guns and a
knife. She was fixing me to talk to him. Get myself a bully club, got ready for it. After talking to him – one of the sweetest man I ever saw. The fellow had sense. I think he had more sense than she did. She was so
eaten up with her problem – she didn’t realize he had some good points.

He was doing some things that were kind and helpful. He wasn’t as bad as she thought he was. And I know there other cases that men are terrible – but Balam although he was a prophet that blew it, let me tell you something about Balam. Balam has something over all of us – when they tried to tell him to go down and curse Israel – there’s one thing I like about Balam. Before he went down to curse Israel he said there’s one thing I’ve gotta do. I gotta climb a high hill and I’ve got to look over every thing that’s called Israel and I’ve gotta see what Israel looks like all over again before I go down and curse Israel. And there’s folks, Hallelujah, that all they can talk about is their problems and the problems of the church. Some folks all they can see is that problem in the church, this problem in the church and they dedicate their life to it. There’s a problem in the church. I sell myself to that problem – give myself to it – dedicate my life to it cause it’s a problem in a department. That’s all they can see. Certain segment in the church has a problem – they get eaten up with it. Sometimes when folks bring a problem to me about the church I like to bait them and I work them a little bit cause I want to find out who they been talking to and if I
talk to them long enough they’ll tell me who they been talking to by the way they talk about the problem. Let me tell you something tonight there’s nobody in the fear of God that’s in here tonight that is qualified to a praised the church of the living God.

I don’t care what you think the need is and I don’t care what the problem is, you hear this preacher tonight – we have a God!! And this God is the head of this church and brother don’t look at one little
problem in one little corner because the church tonight is the most beautiful thing on the earth The church is the greatest thing on the planet earth tonight. It’s the greatest thing you’ll ever know. It’s the
greatest thing that you and I have ever been privileged to be apart of and feel in his presence the Bible says It’s got problems. but in his presence is fullness of joy and at his right hand pleasures forever more. Aren’t you glad you’re in the church tonight? Hallelujah. I’m just trying to bring some things to your attention tonight. The church is so wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with the church tonight. You have to look at the whole church tonight. You have to look at the whole thing. You have to look at the whole body. you have to look at the whole scope and recognize there’s only one person qualified of talking about the church and that’s the Lord himself. It’s His body. How many know what Paul’s thorn in the flesh was?

Want you to tell me after service, it doesn’t tell us any where in the Bible what it was. I had some one tell me one day that Andrew Urshan was trying to explain what it was. It really comes down to theory. A great big commentary, got some library books, determine to find out what Paul’s thorn in the flesh was. Some people say it was his bugged out eyes, some say it was his stoop shoulders, He was hunched back. Others think it was the large letter he wrote, others think it was the flesh. Some people think it was his mother-in-law. He wasn’t married, but they still think that. Tried to find out what Paul’s thorn in the flesh was. What is that man’s problem? And you can study it and you can read all day in the library – you can check it out – you can find out everything you want to find out about him. But I want you to know something – nobody knows because he was God conscious. He didn’t go talking about his problem and the need all the time.

He simply said I have a God, and my God shall supply all you needs according to his riches in glory. Why talk about the problem, I’ve got a God, I’ve got a God. You look at Job, Hallelujah!!! The book of Job
tonight I want the musicians to come, And I want you to think about something right now. Turn back to Philippians 4 and look at something. In want you to think about something tonight. When I say the book of Job what do you think about? You heard Brother Urshan preach last Sunday night. When you say the word Job, it’s magic with problems. Lost himself, wife cursed him, mockers, family gone, lost his business, problems, problems, problems. Anybody have any problems tonight? And we elimented Job and we make him the greatest problem experiencer in the world. But I got news for you tonight. You study the book of Job and you’ll find out something.

The whole shooting match of his experience happen in six months. Six months of the life of Job was all those problems, You know what the Bible says about him? He’s the most blessed man that ever lived, Dan Liford. Brother Jordan it said he had all kinds of donkeys and camels and oxen. He had fine clothes and 7 children and wonderful blessings. He was blessed, he was blessed, he was blessed. God only knows how many years he was blessed. He was a blessed man, he was a blessed man, he was a blessed man. Than he hit the starlights and saw the problems. And his problems got as great as the Empire State Building. But he all of Job’s problems, he sinned not nor charged God foolishly. And it was a little
tiny part of his life and the Bible lets us know he was blessed the rest of his life. The devil put his mitts off him. God built a hedge all around him. You might be here tonight and you got a need that is eaten
you up. You might be upset at me for preaching this. Let me tell you what ever you’re problem is, let me tell you what ever you’re set back is, let me tell you what ever you’re hurt is, let me tell you what ever
you’re disappointment is, let me tell you what ever you’re bitterness is, oh God tonight, you have a need, but I have a God.

You can’t put Him in the church, you can’t put Him in a match box, you can’t put Him in a pocketbook, you can’t put Him in the milky way, you can’t put Him on the sun, you can’t put Him on Jupiter because Heaven is His throne. And earth is His foot stool and the King of glory shall come in. And tonight who is the King of glory? He is the Lord high and mighty and Isaiah was looking at his problem and he said I saw the Lord high and lifted up and His train filled the temple. And He was so great, he said, Who is me, Who is me!!! What a mighty God , what an awesome God, what a Savior tonight!! Look at this, and the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are lovely. whatsoever things are of good report, think on these things. Look at the 5th verse again. The Lord is at hand, be careful for nothing.

Paul said, I’ve been shipwrecked, I’ve been lied on, I have been sinned against, I have been lied on by false brethren, I have been whipped, I have been stunned, these light afflictions work for us a far greater
day. I have been forsaken, I’ve been in the deep. He said all these things, but finally after going through things that none of us have ever tempted to go through or ever experienced, when he looked at all of the
light afflictions – he called them light afflictions he said fully be in charged I write a letter to you – you’ve got some needs, you are upsets with some problems, you’ve got some mountings, you’ve got some valleys, you’ve got some needs, but I have a God and my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory. Hallelujah. How do you see them tonight? I see Him high and lifted up. I fill His presence, His awesome power is here. He can’t wait to forgive you for going to the movie house and lying on your parents and being a big hypocrite, He can not wait to take you young person back in his arms for destroying your morals, He can not wait to come down the aisle and help you with your heart, help you with your situation, He can not wait to save you from your sins and fill you with the Holy Ghost. He’s a lovely God. He’s a forgiving God, He’s a miracle-working God, He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.