Youth Alive – Weekend Crusades


Nevin Chalfant

Crusades would be conducted within a 150-mile radius of San Diego. Fight to twelve young people from the ages of 15-35 would be eligible. (We probably would not allow mixed sitting while on the crusade.)


– To have an activity that will involve the young people in a constructive way.

– To give sincere young people a better picture of many areas in church work.

– To reach out and help others.

The average crusade might operate as follows:

Friday — Leave Revival Tabernacle in the late afternoon, ready for church. Arrive early for united prayer. Commence first service .

Saturday – Morning: Meet at the church. Pray, then pass out fliers tracts; have a street or park service; work bus routes, etcetera.

Afternoon: -Practice time for singers and study time for preachers and Sunday School teachers.

Evening: Have e GREAT service!

Sunday – Morning: Arrive early for Sunday School and Morning worship

Afternoon: Get ready early so luggage can be loaded before church.

Evening: One final great service. Last of packing, then head home.

Each crusade will work hand in hand with the pastor and his desires. We will fulfill as much as he would allow and want us to do.

The crusaders’ functions:

– Play instruments
– Teach Sunday School
– Lead songs and testimonies
– Take up offerings
– Help in Children’s Church
– Special singing
– Altar work Our young ministers would preach lead services, Etc.

A couple form the Youth Committee (or at least that age group) could be leader or president of the crusaders with another couple assisting them. These two couples would have the responsibility of the crusades. At least one of these couples would be on each crusade. Other couples would be used as chaperones. Bro. and Sis. French and Bro Britt will be in charge until a change is deemed necessary.

The responsibilities of the crusade leaders would be:

-Scheduling crusades with pastors
-Transportation responsibilities
-Organizing service format
-Accountable for expenses and offerings received
-Signing-up the young people and using them
-Have full chaperoning authority

The host church would primarily be responsible for meals, housing, and transportation expenses. Most churches will have the saints to house and feed the crusaders.

Many churches will advertise via radio and newspaper about the coming of the crusaders.

A crusade will bring a fresh strength to the host church and deepen our youths’ burden for souls.