10 Tests that Every Christian Must Take (Newsletter 3-8)

10 Tests that Every Christian Must Take

Every follower of Jesus will endure trials and tests. In his new book, Ten Tests That Every Christian Must Take, Pastor Michael Wiltcher describes tests of humility, motivation, obedience, trust, conviction, criticism, confusion, adversity, faithfulness and love. He encourages Christians to allow these tests to make them stronger.

The book was developed from a 14-week Bible study series taught in 2004 by Bro. Wiltcher, who pastors United Pentecostal Church of Bridgeport, Texas. His wife, Jackie, strongly encouraged him to put the series into book form. He agreed, thinking that it would be a great way to share with others how God uses adversities to develop our faith. The book was designed to help Christians of every faith, despite their age or background.

Most chapters open with a fictional account of stories in the Bible. To achieve continuity within the book, there are transitions into a commentary by means of a fictional account of entering a classroom to face a test. People can relate to stories, and remember them more so than a commentary. Combining both stories and commentary seemed to be the most effective way to communicate the material. This is the method Jesus used. He taught many truths by opening with an unforgettable story or parable.
According to Pastor Wiltcher, the most effective way to use the book is to pause at the end of each chapter and reflect on how God has tested the reader on the subject matter. Reflection on how well we did on a “test” allows us to see where we can improve, and celebrate where we have progressed in our Christian growth.

The book also makes a great study tool. Several pastors across the nation have taught the lessons as a Wednesday night or Sunday school series. Each have shared that it was helpful and well received. The book has also been used as a study guide in a house group setting.

The feedback on the book has been astounding, said Pastor Wiltcher. The first printing sold out within a week. The third reprinting has nearly sold out in less than a year. “Those who have taken the time to comment have been exceptionally kind in their remarks,” he said. “Some stated that everyone would benefit from reading it.”

The retail price for Ten Tests That Every Christian Must Take is $16.95. The book is available through the Pentecostal Publishing House and the White Steeple bookstore in Alexandria, Louisiana. It can be ordered directly through Pastor Wiltcher by emailing a request to parson55@icloud.com. You may also call or text Pastor Wiltcher at (940) 393-3467. Electronic copies can be ordered through Amazon.