15 Church Marketing Ideas – Market Your Ministry with Excellence

Pam Perry

Marketing and the church? Yes, though salvation is free – we are charged to “Go Ye” in the world and spread the Gospel and that requires some effort.

And it also involves promoting or marketing the Message – properly.

The better the brand, the better the response to the Message.

With that in mind, here are some church marketing ideas:

1. Give away a free ebook or mp3 podcasts on your website/blogsite in exchange for their email so you can keep in touch with them. Use an autoresponder too. We use aweber.
2. Create a specially-themed blog and update it at least once a week (connect it to broadcast out to your Facebook page and Twitter account) and start a blogtalk show.
3. Design exciting church bulletins with “spiritual nuggets” from you. Make it a keeper and motivational tool to be shared with non-church members.
4. Brand your sermon series with CD covers, banners/postcards thru out the church and create a “facebook cover” so members can promote on their Facebook pages too.
5. Start an email newsletter or Ezine. Repurpose the articles in article directories like ezinearicles.com.
6. Create cool, glossy postcards for members to give out to invite people to church.
7. Give a community award – Pick a worthy policeman or firefighter from your community and honor them with a nice award. Make it a big deal. Send out a press release. Video tape the event and put on Youtube.
8. Attend a church marketing conference & engage in social media like Facebook and Twitter.
9. Invest in a quality graphics/branding (see Ivory Coast Media) Create a custom Twitter background and Facebook cover and page.
10.Order a standard podium cover to match your corporate ID for special meetings in venues like hotels where their name is displayed. Brand your logo and name. Make sure your website URL is on it too.
11.Canvas the neighborhood of the church with door hangers. Many neighbors are just waiting for a formal invitation to visit your church. Be creative – give a gift that matches your churches brand.
12. Do something different and outside the box – Change up your routine, do not just do the standard stuff you and every other church does each year. Find a different way to do the same thing from a different perspective. Be playful and fun – and attract the youth.
13. Read one good book on ministry marketing (Did you read the 115 PR Tips booklet)? Authored by Pam Perry.

14. Plan out your marketing efforts – Yes, make a plan! Consult with a marketing consultantto help you lay out a strategy within your budget.
15. Allow members to “check in” when they enter the church using Foursquare on their mobile phones. Make sure your Foursquare profile is complete and includes the website url. This is a great way to spread the Gospel easily and effortlessly. The is word of mouth on steroids.
About Pam Perry, PR Coach
Detroit Free Press recently called her “a marketing whiz on an almost immortal mission.” Known as the “connector and PR coach,” Pam Perry knows how to pull the right people together for the right project at the right time and garner the right publicity. Her public relations and advertising career spans over two decades.

From: www.pamperrypr.com web site. April 2015.

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