Ruth Baglin

1. Monthly meeting with crafts and covered dish dinner.

2. Twice a year beach picnic with program for senior citizens.

3. Foster Grandparent Program – give special attention to children in the church who do not have grandparents.

4. Quilters – Ladies who meet regularly to quilt. They bring a covered dish and make a day of it. The quilts are sold at the fall festival.

5. “Celebration of Praise” – Our weekly prayer meeting for the ladies. This is a time of worship and the Word. We begin with prayer and praise from 9-9:30 a.m. followed by our Bible study from 9:30-until, and end up with small prayer groups and individual prayer. This year we are participating in reading through the Bible using the dramatized version from 9:00 – 9:45; then we begin our praise service at 9:45.

6. Reflections – Our bi-monthly ladies newsletter. This gives the ladies a chance to share some of their writings and testimonies. It includes the upcoming events for the ladies and monthly birthdays.

7. Ladies’ Brunch – Once a year on a Saturday. Sometimes we show a religious film or have a guest speaker. We set up a gigantic salad bar with desserts. Great chance to invite visitors. Last year we had a brunch at the Hilton Hotel with guest speaker Thetus Tenney. We encouraged our ladies to bring a visitor and also invited all ladies in our section. Great!

8. Magic Colors Seminar (Color Me Beautiful) – Casual Corner wardrobing. The Casual Corners in our area offer this service free.

9. Hairstyling Class – this is always an asked for activity. Have several styles demonstrated as well as hair care.

10. Alpha Center – This is an all-volunteer pregnancy counseling service. The purpose is to act as a support system for pregnant women who are having difficulties dealing with the thought of being
pregnant. Offering positive alternatives to abortions. Some of our ladies work here and are especially burdened for this ministry, Volunteers also for HELP LINE which is a 24-hour suicide prevention and crisis intervention counseling service.

11. Pre-sold Cake Sales – 100 cakes at $10 ea. We choose 5 of our best selling cakes and take orders for them. All 100 cakes are baked at the church by a team of ladies.

12. Focused Light Rally – Sis. Tenney

13. “Free To Be Thin” Weight Loss Class – Author Neva Coyle – This is an excellent chance to invite visitors, because everyone is interested in weight loss programs. This is a self-discipline program using scriptures to help.

14. Exercise Class – 1 night a week, exercise with a video (this is not on a regular basis).

15. Ladies-in-Waiting Chart (in our Nursery) – One of our artist painted a picture of pregnant Pentecostal ladies and under this painting we have a chart which lists all the pregnant ladies in the
church. As their babies are born, the birth date and names are listed.

16. Tape Ministry to Sick and Shut-ins – We have a team of ladies that carry cassette tapes of current services to all the sick and shut-ins on a weekly basis. They pick up the tapes that were left the week before and then these are recycled.

17. Bible Character Study – Several years ago our ladies prayer meeting did a thorough study on all the Bible characters, so that when we read the bible we would be better acquainted with it’s characters. It was lengthy, but good for all.

18. Read Thru The Bible With Cassette Tapes (Alexander Scourby) – We read our Bibles along with the tape and marked the scriptures that stood out to us. This took 18 months for the Old Testament and 6 months for the New Testament. (January 1984 – January 1985). We are now involved (began Jan. 3, 1989) in using the dramatized version.

19. Last Christmas in ladies celebration of praise, we had a Baby Shower for Jesus. The Christmas story was told and the Spirit moved in such a beautiful’ way as each lady stood and presented her gifts to him wrapped in tears. A very special day!

20. Mother-Daughter Banquet – The Saturday night before Mother’s Day

21. Mother-Daughter Tea (In Junior Hi Girls Sunday School Class) – This is held the week before Mother’s Day. It is made special with silver service and refreshments. Mothers and daughters are asked to speak. Usually a time of binding together and tears.

22. Pen-pals In Missions – The ladies of the church are given an address of a foreign missionary with whom they correspond and send church papers, such as the Reflections and mail-outs. Very enjoyable for both.

23. Panel Discussion After The Women’s Conference – We put the “punch lines” from the conference on poster paper and surrounded the walls with them. This makes the conference come alive to those who do not get to go. When the videos arrive, we share these also. This is done at our ladies celebration of praise.

24. Scripture Praises – One of the highlights of our worship. This was birthed one day at prayer meeting. The ladies were asked to share a scripture that had helped them thru a trial. Instead of saying them, they stood up and praised them. Dynamite service!. Now it is a regular at our retreats. The scriptures are picked out to match our theme. We do this also in Sunday night servives. They are typed out and practiced.

25. Heart To Heart – Especially good-at Christmas time. We invite our neighbors to our homes and share the Christmas spirit, which is love. Ladies from the church bring covered dishes and serve for you so that you will have time to spend with your guest. We sing Christmas carols and fellowship. This is especially good after a Christ play. Invite friends and neighbors to the play and then to your home after for fellowship.

26. Box of Testimony – The Ark of the Covenant, sometimes referred to as the Ark of the Testimony, which contained the manna, the Ten Commandments, and Aaron’s rod that budded. This spoke a language that God had provided for them and He would not fail or forsake them. As long as the ark went before them, they experienced victory. We have a box into which we place memoirs of blessings that God brings our way. And this has brought a continual victory in our lives. It is such a blessing to open the box and reminisce on the blessings of God.

27. Retreat – Held the last weekend in April. Attended by 500 ladies each year (the max. the campground will hold). This is for 2 days and 2 nights. Excellent speakers. A drama is also presented.

28. Bible Studies (In Ladies Celebration of Praise) – “Becoming A Woman Of Excellence”, an 11-week series complete with Bible study guides. “On Holy Ground”, a 12-week indepth Bible study on prayer, complete with Bible study guides. (Published by NavPress)

29. M-A-D Program – Mothers Against the Deil, is a dynamic God-given ministry that birthed itself through prayer over the lost children in our congregation. When over 200 names were listed, we realized it was time to go to battle with the forces of evil for our children. Information concerning M-A-D is available in the form of a booklet ($2.00/ea) and a tape (Kingdom Women At War, $3.50).

30. Christian Business Women’s Fellowship – A time of fellowship, study and support for the Christian women who are out in today’s work force. We presently meet once every three months on a Saturday for a dutch-treat lunch, time of study and prayer, then spend time fellowshipping together. We discuss health related subjects and have scarf and accessories seminars, etc.

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