1. Pray Band – Sis. _____________, Captain

Sis. _____________ will receive all prayer requests and send them through the prayer band. She will also call the ladies after 5 p.m.

2. Mother’s Memorial – Sis. _____________ and Sis. ______________

These ladies have charge of raising and collecting funds for our Mother’s Memorial Drive – beginning w/C.M.O. in Dec. ’91 to May 31st.

3. Baptismal Laundry – Sis. ____________ and Sis. ________________

These ladies have charge of seeing that all our baptismal laundry, after each baptismal, is laundered.

4. Camp Booth – Sis. _______________ and Sis _______________

These ladies have charge of getting items together for donations for the Camp Booth and see they are taken to Camp.

5. Way & Means – Sis. ___________, Sis. ___________, & Sis. __________

These ladies have charge of fund raising for our ladies group. Most projects would normally be after the Mother’s Memorial Drive.

6. Grocery Pantry – Sis. _____________

Sis. _______________ is responsible for the grocery basket in the foyer. The saints are responsible for filling the basket with donated grocery items. Sis. ____________ handles the grocery distribution under the supervision of Bro. ____________.

7. Kitchen & Pantry – Sis. _____________

Sis. _______________ will see that things are kept in order; that things do not unnecessarily accumulate in both areas.

8. Birthday & Get Well Cards for Our Sick & Elderly – Sis. ___________

9. Bulletin Board – Sis ______________

Sis. _______________ will keep us posted on things pertaining to the ladies, on the Ladies’ Bulletin Board.

10. Reflections Magazine – Sis. _____________

Sis. _________________ will distribute the magazine to those signed up and collect the ____ cents fee for the bi-monthly magazine.

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