Secret Sister Mediator

Communion Servicing and Baptismal Robes

Fund Raising Coordinator

Social Events, Showers, Parties

Hospital Visitation, Flowers, Funeral Assistance


1. Do you have a burden to work in one of these departments specifically?  ____________
If so, which department(s) ____________________________________

2. Would you like to take the challenge of directing one of these departments?  __________
If so, which one? _________________________________________

3. Would you like to be a second lady in one of these departments?  __________
Which department? _____________________________________________________

4. Do you have a washer and dryer? ____________
If the head of Baptismal Robes should ask you occasionally (maybe once every 6 weeks) to take the robes and towels home to launder, would you be honored to do this? _________

5. Do you like to decorate? _____________
Would you enjoy coordinating a shower or party sometime? __________
Would you have time to do it often? Or would you like to help occasionally? ________________________________

6. These are some of the main fundraisers we do each year–Peanut Brittle, Bazaar, Bake Sales, Tamales, Swap Meet. Could we call on you to help in these endeavors?___________

Bake Sales–make
Cakes? __________ Pies ________ Cookies ________ Breads _________
Candy? __________ Brownies? ____________

Would you help sell? ________________________________

Swap Meet–take charge of snack bar?________________ drinks? ______________
Advertise? (make flyers and signs and put them in strategic places)?_______________________________________________________

Solicit venders to sell at our swap meet?________________

Help to solicit rummage from friends and neighbors and other church members who will not be having their own booth_______

Take charge of donated rummage booth (price and sell) _____ would you like to help_____________________

Peanut Brittle–Help make_________________ Help sell __________________

Tamales–Help make ___________________ Help sell ______________________

Bazaar–Make items to sell? ________________ Make cookies or loaf breads?__________ Help sell at the Bazaar Booth? ____________

7. Would you like to order flowers and coordinate dinners for funeral?_____________

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