A Message To Pastors And Churches

A Message To Pastors And Churches
By Beacon Ministries

Welcome To Beacon Ministries

Beacon Ministries is an Apostolic-based outreach for all men and women who desire and seek freedom from homosexuality. Many believe that homosexuality should be either unconditionally accepted or, to the other extreme, completely condemned as an “unforgivable sin.” Beacon Ministries, however, holds to God’s biblical truths concerning sexuality while offering God’s unconditional love and support to those who struggle with same-sex attractions. It is our desire to help homosexuals discover the awe-some power of God’s love, mercy, grace and forgiveness, which can heal the destruction and deep pain of homosexual struggles.


In the past and even today, many churches view homosexuality as “worse” than any other sin, that it was “unforgivable”, and that a person could not be delivered from homosexual behavior. There was so much stigma, stereotyping, fear, and ignorance which has paralyzed the church. Everyone hid their head in the sand and hoped this issue would go away. Well, it has not gone away, and pastors from all over the country have had to deal with the issue, with seemingly no help or support.

Churches and people in the world have vacillated between two “extremes”: Either the homosexual is hopeless and going to hell (they hate the “sin and the sinner”); or, it’s OK to be involved in homosexual activities and behaviors, having total tolerance, ordaining gay pastors and approving of gay “unions”.

The Truth

What the homosexual really needs is a “new” message. And actually it’s not a “new” message at all, it is simply the truth of God’s Word: I) Homo-sexuality is sin, just like a thousand other behaviors that separate us from God; 2) All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God; 3) Jesus loves you, He died on a cross for you, and He wants to save you and deliver you from your sin; 4) Victory over sin is through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ; 5) We, the church, love you and are willing to help you and support you, while you grow in Christ.

The church needs to stop keeping it a “secret”. Though it may be uncomfortable at first, we need to start talking about it. We need to teach the truth of God’s Word, what it really says about all sin, and we need to educate and disciple people who want to be saved.

In the past, we treated alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, and unwed mothers, the same way. But now we have church endorsed programs to help people through the struggles, addictions and sin in their lives. We love them and support them. Now it’s time to take the next step, and open our arms, our love, and our church doors, to those who struggle with homosexuality and who seek to be set free. Truly free by the power of the Holy Ghost!


Homosexuality is not an isolated issue. It’s in all of our churches, all over the United States and in every foreign country. It’s not “just in the Church down the road.” It’s at every level within the Church; from those sitting on the back pew, to Elders, to Deacons, to Sunday School Teachers, to Music Directors, to Youth Pastors, to Assistant Pastors, and yes, even Pastors and Missionaries.

Homosexuality has an impact not only on the individual who struggles with it, but it also has a tremendous emotional impact on their family members, parents, children, spouses, and fellow church members.

The two largest groups we work with, all over the United States and several foreign countries are:

1 Those who used to be in our churches, who were baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost, and who struggled with homosexuality. They were full of fear; fear of rejection, fear of being made fun of They hung on for as long as they could, all alone; not able to share; not able to have support. And they made their way back into the world and left the church. They want to come home, to come back to God.

2 Those who are still in our churches right now – baptized in Jesus Name, and filled with the Holy Ghost – doing the best they can, while struggling with homosexuality. They are not able to share; not able to talk and receive any support or help. It’s only a matter of time until they too will leave the church and return to their old sinful lifestyle.

Both of these groups want help, and they want to be right with God and part of the Church. What they are looking for is a Message of Hope, a message that says “we love you no matter what your battle is, and we are here for you – you will not be kicked out, you will not be made fun of. We wish to help you gain victory over your sin.”

What Can The Church Do?

Salvation must begin in the House of God. And it must begin with us changing our mindset. What good will it do if we reach the homosexual and bring them in, if the church is not prepared to support them?

We need to first overcome our own fears, the lies we have bought into, the stigma, the misinformation, the homophobia. Those individuals who are involved in homosexual behaviors are just like any other person, just like any other sinner. Some love their sin, and do not want to be reached, others are desperately looking for a way out.

This ministry, this outreach to the homosexual must begin with the local Pastor, and from the pulpit. Time to stop making fun of the “queers and fags.” Time to stop listing the 100 reasons why gays are so bad. Time to start adding homosexuality to the list of sins from which God can deliver you, along with alcoholism and drug addiction. It’s Time to change to a message of hope. Yes, it is sin; and as with any sin, it must go. With God, it is possible, and the Pastor and saints will be there to love and support the individual as they are making their way out of homo sexuality.

Evangelism And Revival

Effective evangelism of homosexuals begins in the pulpit, and then to the congregation, and then to those who struggle. There is a revival just waiting. The revival will be those within our churches who are struggling now, and then to the backsliders and then to those who have never known the full truth. It will be those who are “unacceptable”, the outcasts, the misfits, (drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, homosexuals, the unwed mothers, the homeless, the young person from a broke family). Jesus said to go into the highways and byways and compel them to come. Its called Revival!

As the Church prepares itself and then reaches out with love and compassion to those who do struggle with homosexuality, those within the Church who struggle with homosexuality will begin to come forward, to stand up, to seek help and support. As they see that the Church is sincere, the word will begin to go out, to reach those backsliders, and they will begin coming home, making their way back to God and to the Church. Then the message will go even further, and begin reaching those in the local community who have never known the full truth and who are seeking freedom from homosexuality.

What Can Beacon Ministries Do For The Church?

There are several services that Beacon Ministries provides to Pastors and Churches.

1 Support to the individual struggling with homosexuality through email, website, and even personal counseling.

2 Support to the friends and loved ones of the individual struggling with homosexuality through email, website, and even personal counseling.

3 Support to the Pastors and churches with information, brochures, training sessions and help with setting up a local chapter of Beacon Ministries, leadership training and accountability programs.

If you are a Pastor or Church Representative interested in Beacon Ministries, please feel free to contact us any time. Beacon Ministries is here to support Apostolic Churches with a balanced and effective approach to reaching out to homosexuals and their loved ones.

We understand how important it is to hold true to the Word of God, while at the same time, reaching out with “love and compassion” to those who are desperately wanting to be set free from sin.

The Pit

A homosexual fell into a pit and couldn’t get himself out. A pharisaic fundamentalist came along and said, “You deserve you pit.” A psychologist came along and said, “Accept your pit. That way you’ll be happy.” An apostate liberal came along and said “Your pit is God’s beautiful gift to you.” A gay activist came along and said, “Fight for your right to stay in your pit.” A researcher came along and said, “discrimination against pits is illegal.” A charismatic came along and said, “Just confess that you’re not in that pit.” Respectable people came along and said, “We don’t associate with pit-dwellers.” His mother came along and said, “It’s your father’s fault you’re in that pit.” His father came along and said, “It’s your mother’s fault you’re in that pit.” But Jesus, seeing the man, loved him, and reaching into the pit, put his arms around the man and pulled him out.

Beacon Ministries – Nello Pozzobon Founder/Director

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This pamphlet, “A Message To Pastors And Churches” written by Beacon Ministries is distributed by Beacon Ministries affiliated with the International Pentecostal Church, UPCI.