God’s Healing Path Out Of Homosexuality

God’s Healing Path Out Of Homosexuality
By Beacon Ministries

Welcome To Beacon Ministries

Beacon Ministries is an Apostolic-based outreach for all men and women who desire and seek freedom from homosexuality. While many believe that homosexuality should be either unconditionally accepted or condemned as an “unforgivable sin”. Beacon Ministries holds to God’s biblical truths concerning sexuality while offering caring and unconditional support to those who struggle with homosexuality. It is our desire to help homosexuals discover the awesome power of God’s love, mercy, grace and forgiveness which can heal the destruction and deep pain of homosexual struggles.

Beacon Ministries believes that there is a difference between temptation, which generally is not chosen, and homosexual lust or behavior which is based on choice. We believe that homosexuality is but one result of the fallen world of sin in which we live. Beacon Ministries does not believe that homosexual behavior is any greater than any other sin. God can and will forgive all.

While standing firmly on the conviction that it is not God’s will for same sex relations, Beacon Ministries does not exist to judge, condemn, argue, nor debate but rather to reach out with love, compassion and support to those among us who struggle with homosexual desires.

Beacon Ministries provides information and support to anyone who desires freedom from the bondage of homosexuality through the life-changing experience of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Additionally, we provide support and education to parents, spouses, other family members and friends; pastors and churches, to assist them in responding with compassion and in a biblical and knowledgeable manner to persons who are impacted by homosexuality.

Position On Ministering To Homosexuals

In our outreach programs our approach to homosexuals must not be judgmental or condemning, rather we are to love them the same as we would any other sinners. Most gays are already deeply aware that their lifestyle is wrong. They feel that they are outcasts and rejects from society. They suffer a deep inner anguish over their situation, but feel hopelessly unable to escape from their acquired sexual orientation. To further criticize and castigate them only serves to drive them further away. Generally speaking, gays feel hated and rejected by the church world. We can never see them saved until we can sincerely love them.

We believe that Christians involved in outreach should avoid arguing gay issues with homosexuals. It is enough that the Bible says that homosexuality is sin. Our job is to offer hope and deliverance from sin through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are to be the ambassadors for Christ, an embodiment of His love, given to the task of reconciling gays to God.

Not all will seek or desire our message of freedom and deliverance. It will serve no purpose to debate with those of this mentality. It is enough to simply, but kindly, tell them that you have no wish to argue, but to just say that Jesus loves them. Some are not ready to leave their lifestyle. Just love them and pray for them and move on to those who are ready.

We must reach out to the homosexual with God’s genuine love and compassion, offering a message of hope, a message that says “Come as you are and let God do the changing.” We must start where they are, offering our friendship and our sincere concern for their needs and their souls. The love of God manifested in you and through you, as you worship, sing, and pray will touch sinners. His Spirit working in you as you reach out to others will affect the lost as only He can:

* We provide support, guidance, and direction to the following:

* Men and women who are struggling with homosexuality.

* Parents, family, spouses, and friends of homosexuals.

* Pastors and Churches as they work with individuals struggling with homosexuality.

* Referrals to an Apostolic church in your local area.

* Educational and training seminars for Districts and churches.

* Literature on a variety of topics related to homosexuality.

* Local, church-based support groups.

Statement Of Mission

To Support men, women, and youth in their choice to live for Christ as they leave the bondage of homosexuality, assisting them to overcome the power that homosexuality, its tendencies, and its desires generate.

To Disciple these searching souls, proclaiming the truth of the Gospel of love, testifying of delivering power through the Holy Spirit, and teaching the Word of God and its message.

To Evangelize the homosexual community through love and compassion, sending forth Christ’s message of love and forgiveness without condemnation to the hungry and hurting.

To Educate the Church on its responsibility and capacity to minister to homosexuals and facilitating the Church to love the lost of any persuasion, with instruction and explanation. We welcome inquiries from Apostolic churches about starting a chapter of Beacon Ministries at your local church.

All persons seeking information or support are assured of Full Confidentiality.

Beacon Ministries – Nello Pozzobon Founder/Director

Website: www.BeaconMinistries.net
E-Mail: Director@BeaconMinistries.net
Phone: 1-562-804-5211
Mail: 10248 Alondra Boulevard
Bellflower, CA 90706

This pamphlet “God’s Healing Path Out Of Homosexuality” written by Beacon Ministries is distributed by Beacon Ministries affiliated with the International Pentecostal Church, UPCI.