A Sign of the Times

A SIGN of the Times
Outreach Magazine Editors


One of the highest profile, least expensive outreach tools your church can use is a sign or banner. You can purchase a high-quality, color customized digital banner for as little as $150. The banner can give an older church a fresh, friendly and updated look. Banners and signs can also help people who pass your church every day know that there is something new going on inside. Portable churches can use signs and banners to help create a presence in their community. Here are some tips and ideas:

* Location, Location, Location.
What is the most highly visible location for a sign or banner at your church? (Not to your members, to the community!) Be creative. It may be the back of a building, the side of your bus, a fence or some other unexpected location.

* Quality Counts.
When you create and hang your sign or banner, make sure it is a positive reflection on your church. The sign shouldn’t be poorly handpainted, warped, faded or dirty. If you’re hanging a banner, make sure it’s taut and straight.

* What’s New?
Like anything, once something has been seen for a long time it loses its effectiveness. Instead of just advertising your service times, consider rotating banners monthly to promote specific message series, events or activities.

* Hardware Helper.
PVC pipe from your local hardware store can be used to build an inexpensive stand or frame in any size. Bungee cords can keep a sign or banner hanging straight. Tent poles and cords can keep a sign from toppling in the wind. Consider cutting half-circles in a freestanding sign to keep it from blowing over.

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