Abortion… One View

Abortion… One View
by John Geden
From the Last Days Newsletter

At the 1984 National Right to Life Convention, Dr. Bernard Nathanson showed a 20 minute film that no one present will ever forget – an ultrasound recording of the abortion of a 10 week old pre-born child. Ultrasound is like the sonar used to detect submarines. Sound waves beamed into the amniotic fluid are reflected back once they contact the baby’s body. These waves are then converted into a visual image on a television screen.

Dr. Nathanson stated that the first time he saw the film he was stunned and nauseated. The doctor who did the abortion quit the clinic after seeing it and said he “never wanted to see that film
again.” Even the ultrasound technician was reluctant to see it again to do the editing. What was so shocking about this film? It wasn’t the gore because you can’t see blood on an ultrasound. What was seen was much more horrifying. I couldn’t help but cry as I read the following account of a suction abortion.

“At first you see the child at play, sucking his thumb and moving about. But at the VERY moment the suction tip touches the amniotic sac you see the child JUMP away and move to the top of the uterus as though he senses something aggressive is happening. His mouth opens up in a silent scream and you can see his heart speed up and his arms and legs moving rapidly. Then you see the suction tube tearing away first one arm, then the other, as the child writhes in pain. You see the spinal column slipping down the tube until only the baby’s head is left with a piece of spine on it. And finally you see the abortionist searching for the baby’s head.” (1)

Our technology has given us a window into the womb. Let’s not pull the curtains and pretend not to see.

(1) The Life Advocate, July 1984

Computers for Christ – Chicago