Advanced Leadership Training (Newsletter 3-5)


Advanced Leadership Training

“Every wise leader knows leadership is something he cannot do all by himself. That leader employs others who are better at certain tasks than he is,” said Bro. Timothy Mitchell, senior pastor of New Testament Christian Center in Montgomery, Alabama. “Moses learned this lesson from his father-in-law. Everyone is given at least one talent to use for the kingdom, and those who are busy fulfilling their role in the body of Christ make the most contented saints.” Bro. Mitchell’s leadership manual, Advanced Leadership Training, shares leadership principles to ensure people can fulfill their God-given ministries. He was motivated to write the book because he felt there was a need in our movement for Apostolic-based materials in this area for pastors to use.

Bro. Mitchell believes leadership training is vital in church growth and healthy churches. He explained, “Having others fulfill their calling releases spiritual synergy into the organization. Like fertilizer is to a plant, involvement automatically fuels growth, enthusiasm and positive direction. Leaders who do not use the talent they have available lose that part of the body to another organization that will employ them. Busy people, exercising their gifts, bring fulfillment and contentment personally, and they will heartily support the church, because they are contributing something of value − they are vested.”

Advanced Leadership Training covers the following topics: Seminar 1) Weathering the Storm of Being Out Front; Seminar 2) Personal Growth—forward but never backward, obeying the word of faith and staying fresh; Seminar 3) First Impressions—looking at you on the outside, body language and verbal communications; Seminar 4) Church Culture and Pastoral Personality—custom-made leadership, leadership styles, corporate philosophy, and room for your unique personality and Seminar 5) Teamwork—unity brings the anointing while teamwork multiplies our ability because the things that unite us should be stronger than things that divide us.

The feedback on the book has been very favorable. “People have said it was very informative, helpful and much needed,” said Bro. Mitchell. “They appreciated the product because they didn’t have to create it, and it was produced by an ordained UPCI minister with over 40 years of pastoral experience.”

This product consists of a binder with printed materials and a CD. The CD includes access to the editable training manual in Microsoft Word that is printable along with 108 PowerPoint slides and viewer, student handout notes for each chapter, and a completion certificate. Advanced Leadership Training is available through or call 334-320-6858 for more information. The price is $85 for the hard copy or $65 for the download of the e-version.