Altar Worker’s Seminar


By: Elder Stirnemann

I. Personal Life – We must come to church ready to give, not just to receive.

II. Awareness – Inconspicuously scan the crowd to see who needs to be ministered to.

III. Discerning – Asking God for wisdom (during the service) in dealing with that individual.

IV. Waiting – Give the Word time to draw them first.

V. Approach – (a) Those still in their seat. Introduction. – Acquaintance questions. Explain worship. Would they like to pray?
If no, back off. If yes, pray over them briefly, stop, proceed to repentance. (b) Those at the altar. Pray over them, stop, proceed to

IV. Repentance – Explain the sin factor. They are a sinner. Tell them what kinds of things to say while repenting. Pray a sinners prayer over them. Allow adequate time before stopping them.

VII. Worship – Now that God has forgiven them explain worship. Tell them “how” to worship. Tell them what to expect (the Spirit moving on them, their tongue feeling funny, strange words.) Pray with them again.

VIII. Sensitivity – Encourage them. Watch for spiritual breaks. Confirm their experience.

(The above material was prepared by Elder Stirnemann on February 2, 1989.)

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