Helping People Receive the Holy Ghost


Luke 11:11-13
Luke 12:32

I. The first major key to helping people receive the Holy Ghost is to be completely convinced of God’s anxiousness and His pleasure in filling men and women with His precious Spirit. When an individual has received the Holy Ghost, they have not conquered God’s reluctance, but have received His Gracious Gift.

The Bible is very specific that the Holy Ghost is a gift inferring that purchase and payment has been made by another. Jesus made the purchase.

II. There Are Definite Mental Barriers Which Must Be Removed In Our Mind To Help Others

A. You don’t get–You receive it.
B. You don’t seek it–You obey, believe and receive
C. You don’t graduate to it–It comes suddenly
D. You don’t get good to get it–You receive it to get good
E. You don’t tarry for it–You believe and receive
F. It doesn’t speak–You speak as the Spirit gives you the utterance
G. You don’t receive good, better, best Holy Ghost experiences–James 1:17

III. Create A Conducive Climate For The Holy Ghost To Come

A. Scriptural foundation–The same powerful experience received in Acts 2, 8, 9, 10, and 19 is promised of the Father to you in the same manner. (What you preach is what God will do) Reading scriptures such as Acts 2:39, Acts 10:34, Luke 11:13, and Luke 12:32.

B. Spiritual Atmosphere–Luke 24:53 There must be an atmosphere of worship and promise to God. Not only does this please God, but it also allows-the new person the privilege of getting involved in worship without being embarrassed.

C. Relaxed Comfortable Environment Remove as much as possible any uncertainty or fear surrounding the individual.

D. Positive Atmosphere of Faith Point out others who have received the Holy Ghost or have them to testify.

IV. How You Are Able To Help Someone Receive The Holy Ghost

1 Tim. 5:22–Lay hands on no man suddenly. The laying on hands should only occur when you are most sure the individual has made the inward preparation and faith is at its zenith.

A. Move close to the side of the individual where you can softly speak words of direction and encouragement.

B. Sense the person’s location spiritually by asking yourself these questions:

1. Are they believing?
2. Are they repenting?
3. Are they open?
4. Are they worshipping?
5. Are they obeying?
6. Are they yielding?

C. After finding their location began to assist them in moving on into the Spirit.

D. Enlighten them to the fact that they will speak in tongues when the Holy Ghost comes in.

E. Quote Acts 2:4.

F. The Holy Ghost is here. I’m going to lay my hands on your head and you too will speak with tongues. You will talk as you have never before. Let the utterances come.

G. Don’t allow them to get in a rut of depression or defeat if they don’t immediately receive the Holy Ghost.

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