Apostolic Ministry – A Misplaced Mystery (Newsletter 4-7)

A Misplaced Mystery

Informative and enjoyable, straightforward yet non-antagonistic, Bro. Landon Davis’ book, A Misplaced Mystery, will reinforce your beliefs, answer questions, and increase your understanding of the Oneness doctrine.

With many resources expounding on this topic that are either introductory or exhaustive, Bro. Davis wanted his book to fit somewhere in between. “I tried to not only present the fullness of the Godhead in Christ but to also address common questions and explore the ramifications of the doctrine,” explains Bro. Davis, who is pastor of ???. “Since I wanted the book to be useful for outreach, I also compared and contrasted the Oneness doctrine with Trinitarian beliefs. “But, on the other hand, I didn’t want it to read like a textbook. My goal was to have depth and simplicity. To achieve this goal, I kept each chapter short. I also used modern translations for many of the Scriptural texts. I wanted the message to be as clear and direct as possible. I was very careful to only use language in the book that could be read and understood by lay saints, and I even included a chapter for Trinitarians or those that are undecided regarding Oneness doctrine.

“I tried to keep the book relatively short as well. The main body is 125 pages, and there are an additional 50 pages with answers to common questions.”

A Misplaced Mystery was written as a resource for people that may lack a solid doctrinal foundation and can be used in many different settings. “Much of my formative teaching experience was with new converts and young adults, so I feel like engaging those audiences is a strength of mine, but it is written for anyone that wants to understand the testimony of the Scriptures regarding the mighty God in Christ,” said Bro. Davis. “It can be read for individual study, and it can also be used as a group study resource. I’ve already heard from a church using the book for its young ministers study group, and another pastor told me that he plans to use the book as the basis for a church-wide study. It is also intended to be an outreach tool. I believe that it would be a great resource for preachers, youth, established saints and new converts.”

The book has received excellent feedback, and the reception has been very enthusiastic. “I have heard from pastors, Bible school teachers, saints and youth,” said Bro. Davis. “One of my favorites was an unsolicited email from a pastor’s son that had struggled with his beliefs. He wrote to let me know that he finally really understood the Oneness of God. It was a very touching and humbling letter.”

A Misplaced Mystery is available at mariannaupc.com with a link provided to purchase a copy of the book from the printer. The book is $9.99 plus shipping and handling. “If someone would like to try before they buy, a preview PDF of the entire book is available free of charge on the church site,” explains Bro. Davis. “I really want the book to be available to anyone that wants it, so if the price is prohibitive everyone is welcome to access the preview PDF. For those that purchase a copy of the book, all proceeds will go to the church I pastor.”