Apostolic News – Healing Heart Ministries (Newsletter 4-10)

Healing Heart Ministries

“Many Spirit-filled women are confused, wondering why they are still hurting about something in their lives,” said Sis. Thelma Prather of Healing Heart Ministries. “Our conferences are designed to help women receive healing from past hurts, shattered dreams and relationships, and help bring long overdue healing and deliverance.”

Healing Heart Ministries is a group of anointed, seasoned women preachers/teachers that God brought together with a burden and desire to help ladies heal. These anointed leaders have labored in Apostolic ministry for a total of 50-plus years. Sis. Pam Peffer, the director, is a licensed UPCI minister, pastor’s wife and certified soteric counselor from Benton Harbor, Mich. Sis. Prather, the assistant director, is a pastor’s wife from Muskegon, Mich. She has taught at a women’s rescue mission and has a burden for young teens, women and families.

The ladies met about eight years ago through ministry at churches. They started Healing Heart Ministries in 2016. Other members include Sis. Martha Floyd, the secretary, who is a graduate of Jackson College of Ministries. She is a speaker and former pastor’s wife from Stone Mountain, Ga. Sis. Pam Vaughn, from Pensacola, Fla., is a speaker and author of a book about hidden secrets, titled Prodigals and Hope. Sis. Melanie Sheets, from Granville, Ohio, is a pastor’s wife, speaker, singer and minister at halfway houses.

“When a pastor’s wife sets a date for a Healing Heart Ministries Conference, we begin praying and fasting for the needs of that church,” said Sis. Prather. “We’re flexible and work with each church’s schedule. We usually do a Friday evening service and a Saturday partial-day service, or we do a Thursday evening, Friday evening, and Saturday morning conference.”

Healing Heart Ministries has experienced great success. The ladies teach on topics such as sexual issues, divorce, grief, etc. There is a prodigal prayer list they pray for daily. Sis. Prather feels these conferences are vital. The scriptures provide emotional and spiritual healing for women in difficult situations. One woman, addicted to sexual behavior because of abuse suffered in her family, is now delivered and giving Bible studies. Another woman, an alcoholic, hadn’t forgiven her mother-in-law. During a conference service, she forgave her and was set free.

Bro. Chris Hammonds, pastor of Abundant Life Church in Benton, Ill., highly recommends Healing Heart Ministries. He said, “They did a fabulous job and their ministries were anointed, passionate and effective to all who attended the conference. I believe Healing Heart Ministries Conferences should be a serious consideration for churches, and we will have them again.”

One conference is a Healing, Restoring Conference and the second is Rejoicing With Us, The Prodigal Is Coming Home. Healing Heart Ministries and The Return of the Prodigal brochures are available to pastors. The conferences are available to any church, regardless of size.


Healing Heart Ministries may be contacted through their Facebook page, Healing Heart Ministries, or email @ h.h.mhealingheartministries.gmail.com, Pam Peffer at PamPef@gmail.com (618-218-6406) or Thelma Prather at tjp@juno.com (231-557-7541).