JAN-DEC 2004

Bread-Run Director

– Is the head coordinator of the bread-run department that directs the program to the less fortunate, and the needy of areas nearing the church. There to form and guide a team of people who desire to witness effectively to the lost.

Select an area in true need of both food and God. Form a team that will sit that neighborhood on a weekly basis to form contacts of relationship and trust. In doing so will create a weekly established route of houses that will receive bread on a regular basis. In accomplishing that it will achieve opening doors of invitation to church, bible studies, prayer, and church fellowship.

Must be faithful to services where the body gathers together as a whole. Meetings must be attended when scheduled monthly. Have a true desire to see program grow in effectiveness and consistency.

Locate a grocery store, or bakery that will commit to making a weekly donation of bread and food supplies. Schedule team members for the receiving of bread. Set time and day for when the actual bread-run will take place. Be sure to keep on file all houses that receive bread and get their name, number, and address when possible. Have forms prepared for when the house unit on the route is not home, to inform them that we stopped by and missed not seeing them but hope to see them next week or at church. The same houses are to be delivered to every week to maintain contact and bond. All bread that is left over is not to be disposed of unless molded. It is o be brought at church for the saints to take part of.

Maintain integrity. Do not let personal prejudices or bias interfere with your delegating or decisions. Appropriate mannerisms apply at all times, not just in church settings. Interact with other team leaders in the proper manner not setting one higher than the other.

At all times are you to be in direct submission to the pastor. You are responsible for all other volunteers who privilege you with their time and assistance. You are accountable for those under you how they are following through with their effectiveness or lack thereof. To make sure they are following through with orders. All names of those made contact with on bread runs must be kept on file and contacted on a weekly visit, and monthly call. Keep in contact with the visitor follow up department for these reasons. And also with the bible study department for appointed times set up. Communicate with the Sunday school director for advanced information on possible children being brought to classes from the bus ministry team leader ho will supply rids as you give him he route information.

Every three months department heads will come together for updates, information and goals. Sessions will be given for specified areas on more effective and contemporary means of outreach. These sessions are not optional but rather mandatory. Here we will discuss our strong points as well as our weaknesses, and develop them to be more enhanced.

Are to be presented at the monthly meetings to find our progress or lack thereof. They are to be sensible and realistic, and yet at the same time faith oriented by the Spirit. A lack to accomplish these church set goals can result in resignation before the annual changing of position department heads.

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