Job Description: Music Department Director

Job Description: Music Department Director
United Pentecostal Church – 1989
Tim Massengale

Job Purpose

To administer and motivate the Music Department in a manner that will create a spirit of worship for the church and individuals participating. Major focus will be placed on Choirs, Special Groups, Special Songs, Instruments, and Tape/Sound Ministry. In focusing upon these, you will assist in accomplishing the main task of music, this being, to promote an atmosphere in which God can move.

Job Qualifications

l. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.
3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.
4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.
5. Must carry a burden for the Music Ministry.
6. Must be able to instill enthusiasm and excitement.
7. Must be able to lead and motivate people.
8. Must be a lover of the souls of men and women.
9. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.
10. Must have a knowledge of the operation of the Music Ministry.

Job Responsibilities

** Shall oversee and supervise all operations of the Music Ministry under the direction of the Pastor. Shall seek to implement this ministry with tact, zeal, dedication, and love.

** Shall approve, through the Pastor, all musicians and singers to see if they reasonably comply with the Pastor’s policy on holiness.
a. All new converts should have completed the New Life course before being used in the music ministry, unless special permission has been obtained from the Pastor.

** Shall be responsible to continually look for and develop the musical talent in the church such as:
a. Soloist
b. Trios
c. Ensembles
d. Duets
e. Quartets
f. Choirs

** Shall schedule a regular separate practice time for all choirs, groups, and scheduled soloists.

** Shall encourage participation in the church musicians and oversee their performance. Shall practice with them as needed.

** Shall direct or oversee a dynamic music program that is well equipped and well trained. The music should be:
a. Varied, as to minister to all ages.
b. Spiritual
c. Skilled
d. To the glory of God

** Shall see Pastor at least 15 minutes before start of the service to review choir and special song selections.

** Shall plan, along with the Pastor, an annual “Songfest”, utilizing in-church talent as well as local area and outside talent.
a. May bring in a special group / singer if needed and approved.
b. To be planned at the annual planning retreat

Choir Responsibilities

** Shall see that the Choir is prepared to sing every Sunday night, and on special occasions.

** Shall encourage faithfulness, enthusiasm, and participation of all choir members, endeavoring to build the choir in both quality and size.

** Shall endeavor to utilize church talent (soloists, groups, instruments) as much as possible in choir selections.

** Shall have a regularly scheduled choir practice:
a. The Choir Director should arrive at least 15 min. prior to practice to set up & prepare for practice.
b. The choir practice should start on time, whether full choir is there or not.
c. Always begin choir practice with time of prayer.
d. Work out special arrangements with musicians, soloists, trios, etc., prior to the practice.
e. Shall insure that building is locked up, air/heat turned off after any choir practices on off-church nights.
f. Sunday Night choir practice MUST be through by 5:30 sharp.

** Shall impress the importance of spiritual preparation to each choir member before singing in a service. Ask that they spend time in prayer directly before service begins.

** Shall keep choir song sheets filed away neatly (pick up after each service).

** Shall see that the “Standard of the Choir” is abided by.

** Shall plan at least three choir specials each year, special attention given to Christmas and Easter. Plan at the annual


** Shall plan a summer “Children’s Musical” involving children ages 5-12.

** Shall pray that the choir will be an instrument to the glory of God.

Musicians Director

** Shall take complete oversight of the musicians in every service.
a. Encourage saints with musical ability to play in orchestra for every service.
b. Work toward increasing and developing the church musical talent.
c. Encourage beginning musicians to play every Bible study night.

** Shall see that a pianist and an organist is prepared to play for every service.
a. Musicians shall begin playing 10 minutes prior to service. This is a must.
b. Encourage musicians to be prompt.
c. If for some reason a musician cannot be at a service in which they are scheduled to play, request that they to call you in plenty of time for another to be scheduled.

** Shall instruct only the pianist and organist to play for the altar call. Both should sit toward the front of the church so as to be momentarily ready. The rest of the musicians may join in ONLY
after the altar service is well underway.

** Special instructions for musicians, PIANO & ORGAN NOT INCLUDED:
a. Musicians should stop playing once congregational singing has ended.
b. Musicians should not play for SPECIAL singing unless requested by singer.

** Shall encourage parents to provide instrumental instruction for their children, either through the local school system or through private instruction.
a. Encourage and suggest needed church instruments to parents and youth.

** Shall see that the “Standard of the Church Orchestra” is enforced.

Special Singers & Groups

** See that at least one special number is arranged for every service.
a. Make tentative arrangements about one month in advance to allow plenty of time for adequate preparation. This will allow the singer time to prepare a new song if they wish.
b. Be careful not to be in a rut or establish any patterns in your selection; remember that variety is a must!
c. Request that the participants sit on the platform prior to their involvment in the service. This will eliminate any “dead air” that would result if they were not momentarily ready.
d. Inform those that you ask to participate in the services, that they may or may not be called upon to sing or play, but that they should be ready regardless.
e. Hand out a written schedule of all tentative soloists and groups one month in advance.
f. Pray for divine guidance in your selection of service participants.

** Shall schedule two “praise singers” to sing each Sunday morning & evening as a fill-in voice accompaniment to all congregational singing.
a. Both shall begin singing with worshipful choruses 10 minutes prior to begin of service, developing an atmosphere of praise to lead into the service.
b. Both shall come to the platform to sing for the altar call. Shall sit near the front.
c. The Music Director and Praise Singers shall teach the church at least one new chorus each month.

** Shall maintain an up-to-date list of all soloists and groups for ready reference.

** See that the “Standard of the Special Songs and Groups” is enforced.

Sound Ministry

** Shall oversee and maintain quality control of the Sound Ministry. This duty will be delegated to another individual, but you will insure that all duties are performed properly.

** Shall insure that the sound board is properly staffed with approved individuals. A monthly schedule shall be posted as to who is on duty and when. A copy is to be given to all staff.

** Shall insure that all staff are properly trained in the operation of the Sound Board. A check list shall be provided to insure that all sound is turned on and all speakers-monitors-mikes are checked for proper volume and mix BEFORE SERVICE BEGINS.

** Shall insure that all sound equipment is turned off and equipment is properly secured after service.

** Shall repair and maintain all sound equipment in good working condition. All major expenses are to be approved first by the pastor.

Tape Ministry Duties

** Shall oversee and supervise all operations of the Tape Ministry under the direction of the Pastor. Shall seek to implement all given duties with tact, zeal, and love.

** Shall assist Pastor in selecting a tape ministry director and personnel to work with you in this ministry.

** Shall insure that each service and adult Bible class is taped and a master is kept. Care should be taken not to loose or loan out the master tape for any reason.

** Shall promote and maintain the “Tape of the Month” club
a. Shall charge $24.00 per year for one tape per month (12).
b. Shall allow club member to choose their own tape or take the club selection.
c. Shall provide a 10% discount to all club members on additional tapes.
d. All club members shall be kept in a card file to verify membership.

** Shall duplicate and provide tapes upon request of members and visitors, processing all orders in a speedy and efficient manner.
a. A table of best selling tapes and that service message shall
be placed in the entry at the conclusion of each service.

** Shall publish a tape catalogue (to be updated yearly) of all tapes and tape sets available to encourage ordering.

** If requested, shall provide a free tape to all special speakers following the service. Ask speaker if they wish to have one.

** Shall keep a lookout for special tape sets or series (prayer, soulwinning, doctrine, debates, etc.), to make available in catalogue.

** Shall provide tapes for the “Sick and Shut-in” ministry on a loan type basis.

** Shall keep tape ministry equipment serviced and in good repair.

** Shall order and stock tapes, tape files, labels, and other supplies needed to fulfill this ministry.

Other Duties

** Shall work with the Pastor to select an assistant to work with you in all phases of the music ministry.

** Shall endeavor to not schedule any departmental activities on Monday night. Monday will be known as “Family Night” and all church members are encouraged to stay home with their families on this night.

** Shall attend all Annual Planning Retreats and Monthly Departmental Planning Councils.

** If unable to attend because of an emergency, shall inform the Pastor in advance and endeavor to have a substitute attend in your place.

** Shall hand in an official monthly report at the Monthly Staff Council.

** Shall be an example to the church in faithfulness by attending all church services and functions.

** Shall be an example to the church in soulwinning by being continually involved in the Home Bible Study Ministry, or some other form of outreach ministry.

** Shall be an example to the church in spiritual growth by coming at least one-half hour before each service to pray.

** Shall perform additional duties as required.

Organizational Relationships

The Music Director is responsible directly to the Pastor. Each year, the Pastor and Music Director will review this Job Description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position.
Accountability shall consist of a monthly report of all music activities and upcoming events. The Music Director is responsible for all Music Department staff and personnel. The director will work
closely with all departments, but especially Public Relations and Sunday School. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this office shall be for one year.

Training and Development

** Attend Jackson Music Seminar if possible
** Read “God’s Eternal Plan For Music” by D.G. Johnson (Order from Texas Bible College)
** Read “Let My People Grow!” by Tim Massengale ( Revival Research)
** Read book(s) provided by the Pastor

Job Goals For The Year Of 1989

** Begin meeting with the pastor 15 min. prior to service to review music selections.
** Develop a Children’s Choir. (May be delegated to another).
** Improve and enlarge the Church Choir (scheduled practices and at least ten additional people).
** Develop a list of qualifications and responsibilities for Choir, Musicians, and Special Singers membership.
** Have at least three special choir presentations this year.
** Develop and begin using “praise singers” on Sunday.
** Explore possibility of developing a mixed ensemble in the church.
** Explore possibility of developing a men’s quartet.
** Develop an active tape ministry.
** Plan the Summer Children’s Musical.
** Improve the Sound Ministry organization and operation.
** Place all church choruses on overhead projection and project each service
** Explore possibility of a special choir presentation at the mall for Christmas.
** Develop Job Descriptions for all interdepartmental positions.