Bus Maintenance And Safety Inspection Form

Ron French

2500 Miles Or 30 Days
Coach No._______________________ Mileage________________ Date_________

Type Of Operations To Be Performed If Ok Xrepairs
Lubrication________Miles ___Ck. Tubing & Hoses-Cond.
Oil Change________Miles & Protection
Oil Filter Change_____Miles ___Ck. Pneumatic Check Valve
___Ck. Hydraulic System
Engine (Leaks, Condition)
___Ck. All Fuel Lines & Connections ___Ck. Air Compressor
for Leaks ___Ck. Parking Brake
___Ck. Engine & Radiator for Water ___Ck. Lining, Drum & Adjusts.
Leaks ___Ck. Brake System for Air
___Ck. Fuel Tank for Leaks & Mounting Leaks
___Ck. Adjust all Belts ___Ck. Brake & Throttle Inter-
___Ck. Engine for oil Leaks locks
___Ck. Air Cleaner _______Drain Air Tanks
___Ck. Exhaust Leaks – Manifold &
Gaskets Body
___Ck. Engine Mounts ___Ck. Emergency Door & Warning
Drive ___Ck. Doors – Sensitive Edges
___Ck. Exhaust Pipe & Muffler ___Ck. Door Operations, Timing
___Ck. Clutch Clearance & Warning Bell
___Ck. Drive Line & Universal Joints ___Ck. Shutter Operations
___Ck. Transmission & Differential for ___Ck. Windshield Wiper & Blades
proper Oil Level, Mounting
Seals ___Ck. Fire Extinguisher &
___Ck. Drive Shaft for Guard First Aid Kit
___Ck. Body & Seats
Chassis ___Ck. Loose Grabrails &
___Ck. Steering Arms, Drag Links Stanchions
Tie Rod Ends ___Ck. All Mirrors
___Ck. Steering Gear – Mounting & ___Ck. Flooring Condition
Oil Level ___Ck. Tires
___Ck. All Springs, Shackles, & “U” _______Coach Greased as per
Bolts Schedule
___Ck. Axle Flanges & Studs
___Ck. Grease Seals for Leaks Electrical
_______Tighten All Wheel Lugs ___Ck. All Instruments for
Proper Operations
Batteries ___Ck. Horn
___Ck. Batter Cables ___Ck. All lights
___Ck. Water for Proper Level ___Ck. Directional Signals
___Ck. Warning Devices – Low
Air Oil, Temp.
___Ck. Electrical Wiring (Cond.
& Protection)