Bus Ministry Records

Blu Hoose

I. List Figures You Feel Are Vital

II. Make Comparisons Of Figures To:

A. Last week

B. Last year

C. Best year ever

D. Worst year ever

III. If The Figures Are Compiled To Present Or Hand Out, Have Them Accurately Typed In Logical Fashion

IV. Make Sure Reports Are Easy For People To Quickly Evaluate Results

V. You May Want To Graph Comparing The Year’s Statistics

VI. Reports May Be Compiled:

A. Weekly

B. Monthly

C. Yearly

VII. Use Records To Encourage Workers

VIII. Emphasize Victories – De-emphasize Down Days

IX. Computers Can Easily Be Programmed To Store And Generate Reports

X. Make Sure Master Records Are Kept In A Secure Place Outing “Bus Ministry Records” written by an Unknown Author is taken from an Unknown Source.