Car Ministry – It Really Works!

Who owns your car? You? The bank? The leasing company? Want to know who owns my car? God. That’s right – He owns all I have. Well, God wants to use my car for about a half hour each week. He wants to use your car as well. So, if you will allow God to use His car each week, here’s what we’ll do: We will come into your neighborhood with a door-knocking team and knock on doors all around your house. What we will ask is simple: “We are looking for people who do not have transportation to attend church on Sunday morning. If we provided you with transportation, would you be interested in attending church?” That’s what we ask. Nothing complicated. With a little bit of effort we can almost always find people that would attend church if they only had a ride.

Often, this is an elderly person who no longer drives, a teen without a car, or a mom with kids whose husband has the car working on Sunday morning but she wants her kids to be in Sunday school. Trust me. They are out there – especially in apartments, housing projects, retirement communities, and more. All we need is a car and someone to drive it. Your car – or rather, God’s car.

So, how many cars are there in your parking lot on Sunday morning? 50? 100? What if half of them agreed that they would pick someone up on Sunday morning if they only knew who needed a ride? Challenge your church members to let God use His car! Almost every car arrives with several empty seats. If you can encourage 30 people at your church to let God use His car, in a few months you could have 30+ new faces in Sunday morning service. Before long, they will be in the altar and baptized – all because you let God use His car.

But perhaps you can’t get 30. Maybe you can only get five – then start with five. But start now. Know that the number one method of church growth is simply bringing guests to church. 100% of your new converts come from your church guests. Increase the number of visitors you have, and you will increase the number of converts you’ll have. Car ministry is one way to increase your church visitors that any size church can do.