Care Partner Letter


Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Smith
1111 S. Violet St.
Milwaukee, WI 53219

Dear Brother & Sister Smith,

Christian greetings!

Heaven rejoices over the commitment that Jolene DeLange made in taking the name of Jesus in baptism on January 28, 1991.

The apostle Paul referred to new converts as “children or babes in Christ”, and it is important that we give these new converts all the help that we possibly can in getting them established in the faith.

Like a mother with a newborn baby, the church has to feed her properly if the baby is to grow in God. We need your help in making certain that Jolene is established on a good foundation. It is important that the new convert attend the New Convert’s Classes on Sunday morning, for it is there that new saints are grounded in the Word of God.

Please do all you can to be sure that your new baby is in class. Make a phone call and encourage faithfulness. If they do not have transportation, arrange it. You may want to consider attending that class with them. The extra effort that you make to be certain that Jolene gets a good start, may make the difference between being saved or lost.

In Christ,

Pastor Frank Tamel

(The above material was published by Parkway Apostolic Church, Oak Creek, WI.)

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