Sample Baptismal Letters


The following is three baptismal letters which applies to different age groups: under 13, youth, and adult.


Dear ,

Praise the Lord! God bless you for being baptized in Jesus’ name. It is the greatest thing in this world to know that your sins are washed away and that you are on the road to heaven.

May God bless you as you grow not only naturally but spiritually and are faithful to Him in all parts of your life.

Your friend,

John L. Johnson
Associate Pastor


Dear ,

Praise the Lord! We are so happy that you have obeyed this wonderful Acts 2:38 message.

We live in a day where a lot of people do not realize the wonderful joy available to them by serving the Lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “As the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the son of man be.” Some people would rather ignore the Gospel than obey it. That is why we are so happy you, as a young person, have chosen to be baptized in the saving name of Jesus Christ.

God has a specific purpose for your life as a young person. Our goal at Calvary Tabernacle is to help you to grow and mature in your walk with the Lord. We encourage you to become a part of YOUTH WORLD, a fantastic “experience” for our young people. Let me take this opportunity to encourage you to pray and read your Bible. There are rich rewards for every young person who can establish these two things in their life.

Psalm 119:11, “Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”

May God bless you as you continue to walk with Him!

Yours in Christ,

John L. Johnson
Associate Pastor


Dear ,

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus! We share with you the joy of being baptized in Jesus’ name in the service night. It is a great thing to know that your sins have been washed away by faith and obedience to the word of God.

For you it is a new beginning. “Old things are passed away, behold, all things are new.” To know God in the power of the Holy Ghost is the most wonderful experience a person can have! It will transform your life and give you new meaning and joy.

We want to help in any way we can. When a child is born, it depends upon its mother for nurture and care. Our goal is to help you grow spiritually so that you, too, may share this Pentecostal experience with someone you love. A Home Bible Study taught to you be a member of Calvary is a wonderful way to make new friends in the Lord and rediscover the Bible. We are so happy for you and your new life in Christ.

God bless you as you grow in the Lord. We are praying for you.


John L. Johnson
Associate Pastor

(The above material was taken from Calvary Tabernacle, Indianapolis, IN.)

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