Care Partner



Every new convert needs a spiritual mentor. Churches will often times call this person a “care partner” or “spiritual parent.” Often times this is the one who has own this new convert to the Lord. They are one of the most important individuals in any successful new convert care system. When the Lord allows a person to bring someone to spiritual birth, they need to realize that there is a responsibility beyond the altar and baptismal tank. This new baby needs a mother, someone to train and watch over him or here.

In the New Testament we find this kind of caring attitude in Barnabas. Paul was a new Christian. He had been excluded by the disciples in Jerusalem. Barnabas took Paul under his wing and nurtured him. He brought him into fellowship and was he was his early teacher. How tragic it could have been had Paul not had such a friend. We need our churches to be filled with the Barnabas type of People.

The Care Partner is the primary friend of this new convert, and, just like a physical mother has many responsibilities, the Care Partner does also. The responsibilities of the Care Partner for a sample new convert names “Mary” are as follows: (1) Pray for Mary each day. (2) Look for Mary in each service. Contact when absent. (3) Ensure that Mary attends all special church socials and services. (4) Sit with Mary in church, pray with her when she goes to the altar. (5) Introduce Mary to your friends. Make her a part of your social life. (6) Have Mary over to your home for dinner as soon as possible. Have at least tow other church couples over at the same time. Help her make new friends. (7) Teach Mary a complete Home Bible Study. This is important! (8) Go with Mary to the New Life Class on Sunday Morning.  (9) Help Mary become involved in the various ministries of the church. Invite her to work in the ministries you are involved in. (10) Provide minor counseling. Refer Mary to the pastor for all major problems. (11) Do not push standards of holiness or talk negative of the church or its members in any way. (12) Alert the pastor to any needs or problems that Mary encounters.

These responsibilities are outlined in a letter that should be sent to all spiritual parents. The pastor should strongly encourage the care partner to be faithful to his or her duties as the parent of this new born child.