Ministry Resources: Issue 29-10


Issue 29-10


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Home Bible Studies
o 5 Reasons People Don’t Come Back to a Small Group by Tess Schoonhoven
o 6 Questions to Diagnose Your Small Group Health by Ken Braddy

o The Leadership Practice that Could Ruin Your Ministry by Geri Scazzero
o First Steps for Starting a Women’s Ministry by Jen Oshman

o Signs of Unchecked Arrogance in Older Leaders by Chuck Lawless
o Listen Up and Win Her Heart by Kenny Luck

o 5 Ways to Prepare Your Church Tech Team for the Season by SimpleChurch
o 12 Distractions During Worship Services by Chuck Lawless

New Convert Care
o 5 Simple Steps to Mentor New Believers by Karl Vaters
o 6 Mistakes the Church Often Makes with New Believers by Daniel Darling

o 5 Crucial Attitude Differences Between Churches That Grow and Those Who Don’t by Carey Nieuwhof
o 6 Reasons Why We Should Fast on Behalf of a Prodigal by Chuck Lawless

o When Praying is Hard by Jarrett Stevens
o 3 Steps to Lead Your Church to Pray for the Unreached by Deborah Spooner

o 3 Steps to Help People at Your Church Become Connected and Known by Jennifer Winge
o Church Branding Marketing Ideas by Bill Ross

Sunday School
o 9 Problems in Children’s Ministries in the Local Church by Chuck Lawless
o 5 Visible Ways to Show Your Church is Working to Keep Kids Safe by Joy Allmond

o Young Adults Feel Isolated and Anxious by Aaron Earl
o Suicide Rates in Youth by Stephanie Martin