CDL Pre-Trip Inspection

By Dave Smith

I. Engine Compartment (Hood Open)

A. Oil level – On dipstick between add and full

B. Coolant level – Proper level – reservoir, radiator, sight glass

C. Power steering fluid – On dipstick between add and full

D. Water pump – belt – No cracks, frayed, proper tension _-_.

E. Alternator – belt – No cracks, frayed, proper tension _-_.

F. Any leaks – No sign of leaks on hoses, engines, ground

II. Front Suspension (Hood Open)

A. Spring – None broken or missing

B. Spring mount – Secure – No missing or broken bolts

C. Shock absorber – Secure, not leaking

III. Front Wheel (Hood Open)

A. Rims – Not cracked, bent

B. Hub oil seal – Not leaking

C. Tires

1. 4/32 – tread

2. No cuts, bulges

3. Proper pressure – beat tire with crowbar

D. Lug nuts – Tight, no rust

IV. Front Brake (Hood Open)

A. Slack adjustor

Normally I would release park brake and pull on slack adjustor to see if it moves more than one inch

B. Chamber – Secure, not cracked or dented

C. Hoses – Not cracked, worn or leaking

D. Drum – Not cracked or broken

V. Front of Vehicle

A. Steering box – Secure, not leaking – Hood Open
B. Steering Linkage – Secure, check for looseness

C. Light lenses, mirrors, mirror brackets, windshield (hood closed)

1. Light lenses – Not cracked or broken, clearance light proper color (amber)

2. Mirrors – Clean, not cracked

3. Mirror bracket – Secure

4. Windshield – Clean, not cracked

VI. Driver/Fuel Area

A. Door, mirror

1. Door of fuel area opens and closes properly

2. Mirror (right side) is clean, not cracked

B. Fuel tank – Gas cap is tight

C. Leaks – Not leaking

VII. Under Vehicle

A. Drive shaft – Not bent, cracked, secure

B. Exhaust system – No cracks, holes, dents, mounted securely

C. Frame – No cracks, not bent

VIII. Rear Wheels

A. Rims – Not cracked, bent

B. Tires

1. 2/32- tread

2. No cuts or bulges

3. Proper pressure – beat tire with crowbar

C. Hub oil seal – Not leaking

D. Lug nuts – None loose, no rust

E. Spacers – Dual wheels are evenly spaced apart

IX. Rear Suspension

A. Springs – None broken, cracked, or missing

B. Spring mount – Secure – No missing or broken bolts

C. Shock absorber – Secure – Not leaking

X. Rear Brakes

A. Slack adjuster “Hanging 90”

B. Chamber – Not bent, cracked, leaking

C. Hoses – Not cracked, work, leaking

D. Drum – Not cracked, broken

XI. Rear of Vehicle

A. Lights – Lens covers not cracked or broken, proper color

B. Reflectors – Not cracked or broken, proper color

XII. Engine Start

A. Clutch/gearshift – Neutral, park brake on

B. Air pressure gauge – Is building

C. Oil pressure gauge – Is building

D. Ammeter/voltmeter – Are charging

E. Air brake check (after have 120 lbs. Pressure)

1. Engine off, park brake off, hold foot brake down. No more than 3 lbs. pressure loss per minute.

2. Turn key to on, pump foot brake until gauges fall to 60 lbs., buzzer and light comes on

3. Continue to pump foot brake until gauges fall between 30-40 lbs. and parking brake pops out

F. Steering play – Move steering wheel no more than 2-inch movement

G. Parking brake – With parking brake on, put bus in drive

H. Mirrors, windshield – Mirrors properly adjusted, windshield clean, not cracked

I. Wipers – Turn on, work, blades not cracked

J. Lighting indicators – Turn on lights and point out corresponding indicator light

K. Horn – Push horn

L. Heater/defroster – Turn on one at a time and listen for fan

M. Safety/emergency equipment

1. Fire extinguisher – Charged pin, pin fastened

2. 3 triangle reflectors; 6 flares

3. First aid kit – full

4. Crowbar

N. Lights – Turn on all lights, examiner checks to see if they work

XIII. School Bus Only

A. Passenger entry

1. Open and close door to check operation

2. Tread on steps is secure

3. Handrails are secure

B. Emergency exits (key on) – Open to check if buzzer works

C. Seating – Check backs and bottoms to see if secure

This article may not be written by an Apostolic author, but it contains many excellent principles and concepts that can be adapted to most churches. As the old saying goes, “Eat the meat. Throw away the bones.”