Where To Select The Routes For The Bus Ministry

By Dave Smith

I. Always Pray For God’s Leadership In This Matter

II. The Pastor Should Do The Selecting Of The Beginning Routes

He should have as much input as he wants when adding additional routes

III. Look Around Your Own Church Building First

You may or may not want to have a route by your own church

IV. Start Where There Are Many Children As They Will Make Up Most Of Your Bus Attendance

V. Consider The Many Areas Where There Are Large Numbers Of Unchurched People

A. Normal residential areas

B. Government housing projects

C. Apartment complexes

D. Mobile home parks (many have young couples with children)

E. Low income areas (you will always find it easier to get riders in the lower income areas)

F. Military installations (most married military have children)

VI. As Your Bus Ministry Grows, Consider Areas Where You Bus Captains May Have A Special Burden

VII. Don’t Be Afraid To Consider The Area Where Other Churches Are Or Where Other Church Buses Are Going

Make sure your workers do not proselyte! Nobody can reach everybody.

VIII. It Is A Good Idea To Get A Good Map Of Your Area