Ways To Overcome A Bus Ministry Slump

By Dave Smith

I. The Leader Is The Key

Dr. Lee Roberson often said “everything rises and falls on leadership.” The leader understanding what causes a slump is invaluable in preventing a slump.

II. The Leader Can Use His Preaching To Keep The Bus Ministry On Fire

The leader must be highly motivated himself to motivate others

III. Set New Goals To Attain

Don’t become content, but by use of goals do your best to motivate the workers to new heights. “They that shoot at nothing will surely hit nothing.”

IV. Keep Attempting To Add New Workers So You Can Add Routes

Nothing generates excitement like adding new workers and starting new routes (of course, this is not always achieved but should be every bus director’s goal).

V. Keep The Worker’s Passion For Souls

The pulpit should preach it and the one preaching should set the pace by bringing converts down the aisle. People generally will do a little less than their leader.

VI. Make The Bus Ministry The Most Exciting Ministry In The Church

The bus ministry is certainly not the easiest ministry in the church, but attempt to make it the most exciting. Do different things at the bus meeting, have campaigns, have banquets and fellowships, give workers motivational literature, have special speakers, etc.

VII. Try New Things That You Have Never Done Before Or Have Not Done In A Long Time

Variety always keeps people excited

VIII. Do Not Neglect To Pray For Your Workers

The Lord can do more for your ministry than human iniquity.