What Causes Bus Workers To Be Discouraged

By Dave Smith

I. Some Think About Their Problems Too Much. Think about your victories, not problems.

II. Feeling Sorry For Yourself (Martyr Complex)

III. Taking Your Problems To Others Seeking Sympathy. Take problems only to people who can help you.

IV. The Idea You’ve Visited Everybody On The Bus Route. This happens after you are on the same route for a period of time.

V. You’ve Done Your Time In The Bus Ministry. The devil will tell you to change to a less demanding ministry.

VI. You’ve Lost Your Favorite Bus Riders. Anybody that has been on a bus route has experienced this heartache.

VII. The Devil Will Tell You That You Spend Too Much Time On Your Bus Route

VIII. The Kids Are Not Getting Anything Out Of It

IX. The Bus Is Worn Out. Buses should be well maintained so this will not be a discouraging factor.

X. The Preacher Doesn’t Appreciate What You Are Doing. The pastor needs to be sensitive to his workers and often praise them.

XI. Trouble With The Sunday School Teachers. Mostly lack of communication.

XII. Discouragement From Outsider’s Comments. People that are critics.

XIII. You Don’t Have Enough Help On The Bus Route. Very common problem.