Training Bus Ministry Workers

By Dave Smith

After you enlist workers for the bus ministry, it is important that you train them so they will feel confident serving. This will also help them to be more productive on their route.

I. If You Want Your Bus Ministry To Operate Effectively And Be Productive You Must Be Committed To Train Each New Worker The Lord Gives You

II. Have A Training Class For Your Workers

A. You can do this at your Saturday bus meeting

B. You can do this before the Sunday evening service

C. You could video tape the training sessions and have it for those next ones that need training during the year

D. It does not hurt your old workers to go through these training sessions a couple of times; you never can absorb it all the first time

III. There Is Nothing Like On-The-Job Training. Make sure new workers are placed with your best people for on-the-job training before going on their own or working with an individual that is not very productive

IV. Let Your People Hear From People That Have Been In The Bus Ministry For Years

A. Take them to a bus conference

B. Have an experienced outside speaker come to your church and instruct and motivate your bus workers

C. Provide them with books to read or tapes (audio and video) on the bus ministry

V. Don’t Put Your People In A Place Of Responsibility Until They Have Been Trained

A. This could discourage them and you may quickly lose them

B. You must do everything in your power to conserve your workers