Church Prayer Coordinator Position Description

Church Prayer Coordinator Position Description
Dalton Jones

The following ministry position description for Prayer Coordinators is offered as a guideline. We recommend that the pastor and the Prayer Coordinator determine what his or her exact responsibilities should be. We suggest the Prayer Coordinator be selected prayerfully and carefully and that an appropriate public commissioning prayer mandate be given to this person when they are being installed. This is not a paid church position, but instead is taken up by a person feeling led to do so.

Position Summary: To lead the local congregation in developing a Perpetual Intercessory Prayer ministry. The Prayer Coordinator’s purpose is to organize, schedule, and provide general leadership for the church’s prayer activities.
Reports to: The Senior Pastor or staff person assigned.
Relates closely with: All staff, lay leaders, and departments in the church. Oversees: Any support staff assigned to the CHURCH PRAYER COORDINATOR. Primary Responsibilities:
* Identify key people in the church who are willing to pray or serve in the leadership of prayer ministry and enlist their commitment.
* Establish a strategic Prayer Committee and serve as its chairperson. The leadership responsibilities of the Prayer Committee can be divided among the members of this committee.
* Act as a liaison between the pastor, the church leadership, and the Prayer Committee.
* Implement through the Prayer Committee the church leadership prayer for church services. plans/programs
* Ensure that prayer is encouraged, engaged, and integrated into every ministry and department of the church.
* Assist the pastoral staff in recruiting and developing personal prayer support teams.

* Create an information network that keeps everyone informed of prayer concerns.
* Contribute to the development of an effective local prayer chain.
* Plan and organize special prayer events for the church (i.e., prayer conferences, prayer seminars, National Day of Prayer, Denomination Day of Prayer, etc.).
* Stay closely connected to the district and denominational prayer leadership.\

* Secondary Responsibilities:

* Designate, design, and promote (with Prayer Committee and church leadership) a prayer room for the church.

* Create a resource library on prayer.

* Resource Sunday School Teachers and small group leaders by providing training, materials and resources for prayer curriculums.

* Train, equip, and mentor prayer leaders who can establish and lead small group prayer.

* Serve as a liaison between one’s local church and churches citywide to create and encourage cooperative prayer efforts.

* (Taken from My House Shall Be A House of Prayer.)

* Leadership strengths/gifts/talents/skills desired:

* A strong personal devotion to prayer and a sincere desire to see his/her church be devoted to prayer.

* Spiritual maturity.

* Good reputation in the congregation and the confident approval of church leaders.

* Gift of organization, encouragement, and administration.

* Good communicator.


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