Pastor’s Prayer Force



The following report is from Pastor Richard Flowers of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church, Mesquite, Texas:

“While attending General Conference in Detroit, I entered my room at the Renaissance Center and the message indicator light was blinking. When I inquired, I was told I had a fax downstairs at the concierge
desk. The fax was signed by sixteen men from the church I pastor. They are members of the Pastor’s Prayer Team, known in our church as the SWAT Team (Spiritual Warfare and Triumph). They were on duty that week and wanted me to know I (and my family) would be lifted up in prayer every day that week. It has become a regular event if I am out of town to receive a phone call or fax from a team captain who is just checking in to tell me I am being prayed for on his watch.

I receive daily phone calls from precious men who speak to me briefly and tell me, ‘Pastor, I just want you to know this is my day to pray and fast for you and your family.’ Four teams, who title themselves after the four branches of the military, each serve once every four weeks. Within each group, members are assigned days of the week to be our prayer partners for that particular day. The SWAT Team on duty for the week meets one hour before church each Sunday to pray for the services that day. They pray over the physical property and over the leadership for that service. From the SWAT Teams, prayer leaders are recruited for each Sunday. These six to eight men sit in the different sections of the sanctuary and are prepared to pray for anyone around them in their section, anointing them with oil. We have made our aisles an extension of our altars. People are encouraged to step out into the aisles and a prayer leader near them will organize
the prayer effort for that need involving surrounding worshipers.

During our Annual Missions Conference, the SWAT Team was called to come and stand across the front of the church with outstretched arms and prayed for the congregation to be open to the missions endeavor.
What a powerful response from the congregation as the glory of the Lord fell on the church. In the closing altar service there was an appeal made for those willing to become AIM workers to present themselves to
the Lord. Brother Garry Tracy and Brother Robert Rodenbush both felt to have the SWAT Team gather around those who came forward and pray for them. The experience was truly apostolic. The prayer ministry of our church is a top priority with great emphasis placed on involvement personally and corporately.

With the intense pressure against the ministry today it is gratifying to know there is a great number of saints who believe enough in me as pastor to step up to the line and give daily of their time for me and my family. What a wonderful hedge of protection Renee and I enjoy in this battle for revival.”


This report appeared in the March, 1998, issue of The Mississippi Torch.