Constant Contact Consciousness

To have a “constant contact consciousness” should be the goal of every Child of God. Unfortunately, most of us let weeks or even months go by without talking to a single soul about the Lord or inviting someone to church. It is time that we face up to the fact that millions will continue to die in their sins unless we wake up to those that we meet every day.

By Tim Massengale

Mike took a deep breath and tried to calm the butterflies in his stomach. He was not very good at this but he was determined to try. Holding the soft drink and chips in one hand and the church flyer in the other, he approached the counter at the local Quick-Stop to pay. Smiling, he handed the girl his money and as she rang up his purchase he spoke with only a slight quiver in his voice, “So, Janice, do you go to church anywhere in town?”

She glanced back and smiled slightly. “No, not regularly. Why do you ask?”

“Our church is having a special Endtime Prophecy Crusade and I wanted to invite you to come if you are interested.” Mike handed her the flyer. As she looked at it he explained what the services would be about and when it would start.

She smiled again, and said, “Thanks, I’ll think about it. I just might come.”

Mike smiled as well. “Great! Hope to see you there!” With a small wave, he left the store and returned to his car. As he drove off he grinned and made a quick mental note. “That’s nine so far this week! Way better than last week!” He felt good about himself as he turned the corner toward his house.

Mike was a member of his local church’s Constant Contact Consciousness (CCC) team. They also called themselves the ‘New Life Soul Patrol.’ This was a group of saints that were committed to witnessing and inviting people to church each week. His pastor had launched the ministry several months before after preaching a powerful message on the importance of being a witness. The sermon had really convicted Mike. He had been in church all his life. He loved God and loved living for God. But witnessing was not really his ‘thing.’ Yet he knew he needed to be a witness. But he often went months without even inviting someone to church, much less witnessing. So being on the CCC team looked like a good way to develop a better ‘witnessing habit.’ Since joining the team he was doing much better. He had started out slow – one, maybe two invites a week. But lately he started to get better. He was a lot more ‘consciousness’ of the need to witness. He was beginning to get over his fear and shyness. In truth, he was really enjoying it even though he didn’t think he was all that good at it.

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