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You are to assist the Pastor with church related clerical work and daily correspondence in his behalf. You will also be required to handle personal business for the pastor and his wife at their request and leading.


1. Must be filled with the Holy Ghost and living for the Lord.

2. Must maintain qualifications for church membership.

3. Must be honest and trusted in handling confidential matters for the Pastor and his wife.

4. Must have an understanding of banking and checking to assist in church bookkeeping areas. Must be able to communicate well with people and one given to hospitality.

6. Must be able to handle the pressure of short notice requests and able to follow through on instructions.

7. Must have an understanding that you will at times be the representative to other ministers for Pastor and the church.

8. Able to adapt to changes and situations beyond your control.

9. Be a lover of souls and a witness for Jesus in everything you do.


1. Personal Secretary to the Pastor and his Wife.

2. Director of Singles Convention.

3. Director of Singles Ministry at Revival Tabernacle.


You will need to check with the Pastor after each service due to the constant errands that need attending to.

You will need to follow up on all guests and visiting ministers:
(a) their needs for transportation
(b) their needs for comfort
(c) their hotel arrangements
(d) report problems or areas that need the Pastor’s attention.

You will need to see that the Pastor’s office and Sis. Larson’s office are cleaned at least once a week. Due to the confidential material that many times lays on the desk it is not a job for just anyone. This will include-the cleaning of the bathroom and making sure there are plenty of toiletries and toilet paper stocked up.

Due to the many visiting guest and pastors you will need to keep the small refrigerator stocked up with bottled waters and juices for visitors and staff. You may take the funds for this area out of church petty cash.

With the many changes we have had to cut some of the church staff. One of the positions that was eliminated was the church secretary. You will need to assist the school secretary in answering the phones. It will be your assignment to advise the Pastor of all phone calls directed to him and making every effort to reach him with important calls. You will also need to relay potential problems that may come to your attention. ( remember, this must be handled on a confidential basis.)

Being the Pastor’s personal secretary will include running personal errands for the pastor and his wife. The Larson’s are many times on a tight schedule and will desperately need your assistance in making ends meet and sure that everything is taken care of. It may require you working various hours. Every effort will be made to compensate for the shift in work hours by re-scheduling your work day or a possible day off periodically.

It is vital that you understand that your primary duties are to the Pastor and serving him in easing his routine everyday jobs as much as possible.


When possible and with prior approval the church will partially assist in the expenses for seminars and related singles ministry activities you attend. This will only be possible when funds permit.


Each year you will receive two (2) weeks of vacation. You may take it all at once on the Pastor’s approval or to cover your time at a singles function if desired.


1. You will be directly responsible to the Pastor.

2. You will be provided, if possible, a private office and needed supplies, equipment and phone.

3. You will be expected to tag-in with the Pastor on a daily basis during the week to advise him of situations and needs in the church.

4. An annual written report and evaluation of your ministry and duties for the last year should be compiled. Also, your goals and objectives for the next year should be submitted two months prior to the end of the work year.


1. Take time to kick-back and relax away from work.

2. You will need rest time away from the church duties and responsibilities of your demanding job.

3. Friday will be considered your week day off.


Your monthly salary will be $_______________, which will be divided up in weekly payments of $__________. You will receive your weekly check on Sunday morning.

Additional expenses and gratuities will be listed below.



Any additional expenses must be approved prior to the expenses or an understanding reached between us on when you will be reimbursed.

This position held by Joyce Yates is Possible only as long as the church is faithful in tithes and offerings. If the church expenses become such that it can not meet all the bills and staff obligations. We may have to let staff go to cover the operating expenses of the church. This would be a loss to the church and me as a Pastor personally. It would only be in an absolute necessity this would occur. If this action were taken, every effort would be made to help you relocate or find employment.


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