By: Sis. Nina Rice

Job Purpose

To administer and supervise the Bookstore and Tape Ministry Department in a manner that will be a blessing and help to the church members, and visitors. Being an uplifting mode of communication and to show highest quality available, integrity and professionalism. Major focus will be placed on developing a smooth running store, keeping proper accounts, finding inspirational and uplifting books for reading and Bible studies. In focusing upon these, you will accomplish the main task of the Bookstore & Tape Ministry Department which is to help build a stronger dedication to God.

Job Qualifications

1. Must: be filled with the Holy Ghost.
2. Must meet the qualifications for church membership.
3. Must be loyal to the Pastor.
4. Must be willing to work in harmony with others.
5. Must carry a burden for the Bookstore & Tape ministry.
6. Must be able to instill enthusiasm for the work.
7. Must be able to lead and motivate others.
8. Must desire quality and perfection of work.
9. Must be faithful and dependable in accomplishing duties.
10. Must have a good knowledge of basic bookkeeping skills.
11. Must have a knowledge of taping and dubbing tapes.
12. Must know how to make contacts to order supplies for store.

Job Responsibilities

** Shall oversee and supervise all operations of the Bookstore and Tape Ministry Department under the direction of the Pastor. Shall seek to fulfill all responsibilities with tact, zeal and dedication.
** Shall endeavor to involve an adequate staff of volunteers so that the responsibilities will not become a great burden to any one individual.
** Shall oversee the ordering of books, magazines, and tapes.
a.) Shall work with the pastor’s approval on what books, magazines & tapes shall be in the store.
** Shall oversee the taping of each regular & special service that is scheduled in the church.
a. ) Will make sure that the tapes are available as quickly after service as possible.
b.) Will make sure the master tape is kept on file for the time limit set up by the pastor.
** Shall make sure someone is scheduled to work in the store at all scheduled service before and after.
a.) Must be available 30 mins. before service and until majority of people have left church after the service.
** Shall oversee all bookkeeping and inventory of all items weekly.
a.) Shall make sure enough candy is always in stock.
b.) Shall oversee the counting and balancing of each services’ receipts of sales.
c.) Make sure the cash box is locked up after each service.
** Shall make sure that children are not allowed to play in the bookstore.
a. ) Kids without money to buy items are to be encouraged to stay out of the store unless with adult supervision.
** Shall maintain and service the duplicators & cassette recorders regularly.
** Shall buy stamps & envelopes for all mailouts of tapes and books.
** Have a general knowledge of all books in store to be able to help customers find what they want quickly.
** Keep a calendar of all sermon titles of tapes on record so customers can go by them to get the tapes they want.
** Print up the yearly catalog of sermons preached that year.
** Make sermon tapes up for a library to be used at a loan basis for shut-ins.

Other Duties

** Shall work with the Pastor to select a volunteer assistant to assist you in all of your church duties for the Bookstore and Tape ministry, in my absent.
** Shall be an example to the church in faithfulness by attending all church services and special functions.
** Shall be an example the church in soulwinning by being continually involved in the Home Bible Study ministry, or some other type of outreach ministry.
** Shall be an example to the church in spiritual growth by coming at least one-half hour before each service for prayer.
** Shall endeavor to not schedule any church activities on Monday night. Monday will be known as “Family Night” and all church members are encouraged to stay home with their families on this night.
** Shall attend all Annual Planning Retreats and Monthly Departmental Planning Councils.
** If unable to attend because of an emergency, shall inform the Pastor in advance and endeavor to have a substitute attend in your place.
** Shall hand in an official monthly report at the Monthly Staff Council.
** Shall perform additional duties as required.

Organizational Relationships

The Bookstore & Tape ministry director is responsible directly to the Pastor. Each year, the Pastor and Bookstore & Tape ministry director will review this Job Description, update and improve to make more applicable to the position. Accountability shall consist of a monthly report of all activities and upcoming events. The Bookstore Director is responsible for all Bookstore and Tape ministry staff and personnel. The director shall work closely with the Usher and Hostess and Church Secretary Departments. Evaluation of performance of this position shall be performed by the Pastor on an annual basis. The term of this off shall be for one year.

Training and Development

** Read “Let My People Grow” By Tim Massengale (Revival Research)
** Read Triumphant Missionary ministry in the local church.
** Read additional book(s) provided by the Pastor.

Job Goals for the year of 1992

** To enlarge our variety of books in the store.
** Have the tape loan library completely set and going for the shut-ins and those not able to attend services because of work.
** To have more Bookshelves built and installed in the store.

(The above material was designed and prepared by Nina Rice, an Indiana Bible College student.)

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