By John Hanson

I am convinced God is doing great things in our world. I am convinced that America has yet to see its greatest divine visitation. I spite of chaos throughout the world and a heightened sense of fear and worry in our country, I see signs of great hope. Perhaps a very personal story will explain my optimism.

Almost a quarter century ago a young man from the church I pastor married a young lady from the deep South. They rented an apartment in Thompson, CT, and set out to establish a family. Soon it became apparent that they may not be able to have children. Because of their deep faith in God and His power to answer prayer, this couple began asking God to bless them with a baby. Nothing changed. They began to wonder.

Then God spoke hope into their lives. Our church believes that God still speaks directly to people and that he also uses men and women of God to speak into people’s lives. In one particular service a guest minister specifically told them that God was going to give them a baby. They were thrilled. They believed whole-heartedly. But several years passed… and still no child. On another occasion another visiting minister told them the same thing. Again, years passed and they were still not able to conceive.

This couple’s faith was now being tested much like Abraham and Sarah, whose story is recorded in the first book of the Bible. As their pastor I also felt to reassure them that God was going to give them a child and that when that child was born there would also be a period of time in our church when many people would be born again. This reassurance was not easy to give since this couple had now been married for over 15 years and had been unable to conceive – even with the help of doctors.

Then, near the beginning of 2014, it happened; after 22 years of marriage God’s word came to pass and she became pregnant. At first their faith was again challenged because the baby was born at 28 weeks old and weighed a little under two pounds. But God was taking care of things and their child needed no special interventions as a preemie and now weighs almost 10 pounds!

For those who have never experienced modern day miracles or supernatural encouragement from God this story may seem far-fetched, but for believers it rings true. God has promised to bring many people into a relationship with Him through the feeble efforts of those believers who meet at the church I pastor, and now, every time we meet our faith soars as we marvel at the baby that was promised years ago. Maybe you are a believer and feel like God has made you some promises. If you pay too much attention to the world around you or the circumstances that say otherwise, you may be tempted to lose faith. But rest assured, God is doing a great work in the earth! This story may not resonate with you, but we lived it and I am convinced God is going to do everything He promised!