Details of Demonology


Section Eight: ANGELOLOGY


“Then one of the multitude answered and said, ‘Teacher, I have brought You my son, who has a mute
spirit. And wherever he seizes him, he throws him down; he foams at the mouth, gnashes his teeth, and becomes rigid. So I spoke to Your disciples, that they should cast him out; but they could not.’

He answered him and said, ‘O faithless generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I bear with you? Bring him to Me.’

Then they brought him to Him. And when he saw Him, immediately the spirit convulsed him, and he fell on the ground and wallowed, foaming at the mouth.

So He asked his father, ‘How long has this been happening to him?’ And he said, ‘From childhood. And
often he has thrown him both into the fire and into the water to destroy him. But if you can do anything, have compassion on us to help us.’

Jesus said to him, ‘If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.’

Immediately the father of the child cried out, and said with tears, ‘Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!’

When Jesus saw that the people came running together, He rebuked the unclean spirit, saying to him,
‘You, dumb and deaf spirit, I command you, come out of him, and enter no more.

Then the spirit cried out, convulsed him greatly, and came out of him. And he became as one dead, so that
many said, ‘He is dead.’ But Jesus took him by the hand, and lifted him up and he arose.” Mark 9.17-27

The reality of the evil spirit, demonic fallen angels,is questioned by the ‘rational world.’ Consider, however,
the reality of the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. He recognized their presence. He rebuked their action. He spoke to them according to the revelation of their nature. He commanded them to depart from the possessed. To disbelieve in demons is to disbelieve in the Saviour commands them.


A. They attack the Purpose of God

They attack the program and purpose of God by action against the human race through governments and national leaders (Rev. 16.13-16; Dan. 10.13-14; 1 Kings 22.19-23).

B. They attack the People of God

They attack the human race through sickness and physical maladys:

1. Imposed dumbness and deafness (Matt. 9.32-33; Mark 9.25)

2. Physical blindness (Matt. 12.22) and spiritual blindness (2 Cor. 4.3-4)

3. Lunacy and paralysis (Matt. 4.23-34)

4. Oppression (Acts 10.38)

5. Infirmity, deformity (Luke 13.11-17)

6. Convulsions (Mark 9.20)

7. Uncleaness, the doorway to disease (Luke 4.36)

The Scriptures do not attribute all ailments and sickness to demons.

Conversely, all healing, particularily through a so- called “healer”, is not necessarily Divine.

If a demon can cause sickness, then he can relax that infirmity, therefore instant “healing”. This action
focus attention on the deceived “healer”, who represent himself as a minister of righteousness (cf 2 Cor. 11.13- 15).

Healing, genuine supernatural complete and instaneous caring, is accomplished by God alone. This
healing is to the praise of His glory and is testified as such.

C. They attack the Proclamation of God

They attack the Word of God by hiding the Gospel (2 Cor. 4.3-4), promoting false doctrine (1 Tim. 4.1-3) and encouraging heresy (1 Tim. 4.1)

D. They attack the Provision of God

They oppose the Christian’s walk by faith, even to the point of open warfare. (Eph 6.11-12)

1. Enactment

By enacting counterfit worship (Lev. 17.7; Deut. 32.17; 2 Chron. 11.5; Psa. 106.37; 1 Chron. 10.14-21)

2. Error

By error, contrary to the Word of God (1 John 4. 1-6, cf. 2.18-22; 1 Tim. 4.1)

3. Emotionalism

By emtionalism, charismatic workings, experiential “feelings” apart from direct direction of the Scriptures.

Spirituality is not obtained from experience, “holy rollers”, “gibberish talking” and the like. These things
do not make an individual spiritual.

Spirituality is obtained by a moment by moment dependence upon the Holy Spirit, Who manifests forth the “Christ life” in and through the dependent saint.

Emotionalism, feelings, anything the agents of evil can substitute in place of the Word of God will be the
things they use.

Trust God the Holy Spirit to make the Lord Jesus Christ real in your life and give you the experiences He
has for you because “All Scripture is profitable… that the man of God may be perfect…” (2 Timothy 3. 16-7)


A. Demonic Possession

1. Demonic Possession Defined

Demonic possession is exactly what the term implies. A demon, a fallen spirit creature, enters into and resides within in a person for the express purpose of controlling and dominating the physical body of that individual.

This process finds the individuality of the demonized under the direction of the demon. Dr. Merrill Unger, states regarding possession.

“The loss of what may be called ‘individualism,’ or the consciousness of a distinct and self-determining
individuality, with the power of self-origination in mental and moral actions, which distinguish the human
soul from the animal, accounts for the hideous, inhuman, and often bestial behaviour of the demonized. Their conduct is not due to mental disease, where injury to the brain or nervous system may cause previously existing mental impressions to be excited without corresponding outward stimulas in maniacal disorders, nor is it due to vice as involving the power of moral self-origination and self-action, but it is attributable to the presence of an inhibiting superior power of evil. (*Biblical Demonology*, Scripture Press Publications, Wheaton, IL, p. 96.

2. Demonic “Possession” Demonstrated

Review an Extreme Example- Mark 5.1-20, parallel passages: Matt. 8.28-34; Luke 8.26-39

-The possessed man’s abode, the “tombs” (5.2- 3,5) caves in rock cliffs.

-The possessed man’s plight “with an unclean spirit” (5.2,8,12,13).

-The possessed man’s state – self-destruction: “could not be bound” (3-4); “crying and cutting himself…day and night” (5); “chains plucked asunder” supernatural strength (4).

-The demon’s abode, the “possessed” man (15).

-The demon’s plight – confrontation with the Lord (6-13).

-The demon’s state: having to “worship” the Lord Jesus (6); pleading “torment me not” ( 7); having to vacate the host “come out” (8); request “send us into the swine” (12).

Refer: Matt. 4.24, 8.16, 28; Mark 1.32

3. Demonic Possession Deliberated

Not all examples of possession are as violent or harsh upon the host as the previous example, but all can be eternally damning unless the Lord Jesus Christ intervenes.

-Some are religious, Satan’s ministers (1 Cor. 10.13-21 and 2 Cor. 11.13-15).

-Some are rebuked, Saul & the witch of En-Dor (1 Sam. 28.7-20; cf. Lev 19.31, 20.6-7, 27; Deut. 18.10-12).

-Some are revealing, Satan entered Judas (John 13.27; Luke 22.3).

B. Demonic oppression

1. Demonic Oppression Defined

Demonic oppression or influence is the activity of one demon, or more, influencing, oppressing or harassing a person from without, exerting indirect control over actions, attitudes, etc.

2. Demonic Oppression Demonstrated

Refer: Acts 13.6-12

Seeking to “withstand” the Lord, a demon possessing a sorcerer, hindered the testimony of believers. Paul perceiving this perversion and rebuked the evil spirit, encouraging belief in all who witnessed the event.

Refer: Acts 16.16-18

Attempting to undermine the Lord’s work, a demon-possessed slave girl continues to harass Paul and company. When the demon was expelled from the girl, her masters lost their source of ill-gotten gain. Subsequently, they accosted Paul and Silas and brought them before the city magistrates, who beat them and cast them into “All Scripture is profitable… that the man of God may be perfect…” (2 Timothy 3. 16-17)