Enlisting Workers For The Bus Ministry

By Dave Smith

I. You Should Instill Your People With The Conviction That If They Are Saved, They Should Serve God

II. You Must Have A Continual Enlistment Program

III. Effective Fervent Prayer For Laborers For The Harvest Field

This is the only scriptural method to obtain workers

IV. Challenge From The Pulpit To Get Involved In The Bus Ministry

V. Disciple New Christians For Workers

New Christians should have an eagerness to serve Jesus

VI. Extend The Invitation To Them Based On God’s Work

VII. Have Faith That The Lord Will Supply Workers And You Will Get Them

VIII. Preach On The Need in Messages By The Pastor

IX. Give An Invitation For Workers

X. Have A New Members’ Reception And Attempt To Enlist Workers There

XI. Pass Out A Worker’s Survey Form At Church

List the areas where you need workers and challenge your people to volunteer

XII. Ask Every Likely Looking Member Of Your Church

XIII. Have A Tour Of Duty Enlistment Campaign

A. Ask people to serve in the bus ministry for a given length of time or “Tour of Duty.” This time could be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

B. After they commit to serve, pray for them that God might call them to be a permanent bus captain, driver or worker.

C. Use your pulpit, church bulletin and commitment cards to promote this campaign.

XIV. The Pastor And Bus Director Are Responsible For Obtaining Bus Ministry Personnel

XV. Each Worker Recruits One

Encourage each of your present workers to seek out their friends and acquaintances to help them on their bus route

XVI. Have A “Get Acquainted Day”

A. Invite people to come out on a Saturday morning and go visiting on a bus route with a bus captain

B. Have a breakfast for them and have the Pastor challenge them from the Bible

C. Let them visit for any amount of time they can

D. Encourage them to come out and ride the bus Sunday – the eye effects the heart and hopefully God will tug at their hearts

XVII. Look For Members Who Bring Visitors And Are Soul Conscious

These are the ones that really appreciate the number of people they could reach if they took a bus route

XVIII. Have Bus Captains Share Their Testimony In A Service

XIX. Magnify The Successes Of The Bus Ministry

The pastor or bus director could share a conversion that just happened or a family that was just reached

XX. Use The Bulletin Or Prayer List To Explain The Need For Workers

XXI. Excuses People Will Give Why They Cannot Get Involved
A. No time

Probably it is the wrong use of time; their priorities don’t make time to serve Jesus

B. No ability

Anybody can be trained

C. Don’t know what to say

Again, training can overcome this

D. I am not cut out for the bus ministry

Who is cut out?

E. Saturday is my only day off

A perfect day to lay up some treasure in Heaven

F. I like to rest on Sunday

This is the flesh talking

G. I don’t spend enough time with my family

1. Certainly if God expects us to serve Him, He will also provide time for our families

2. Most people waste their time on meaningless activities. A balance is needful in our lives.

XXII. After You Have Enlisted Bus Workers, Then You Need to Train Them, Then Learn How To Keep Them Excited