Enroll To Grow: Simple Formula To Work

Nathan Bright


1. Total church enrollment program is 100% involvement.

2. Dream a dream about your church. First survey your church…how many do you have enrolled now?

Next, how many can we care for properly, both spiritually and room wise?

Set a goal for the number you want to increase.

3. Two basic things are accomplished in any church through Enroll to Grow:

a. Increase in your Sunday School attendance and church attendance.

b. Working together . . . total involvement unifies a church. Everyone is geared for the salvation of souls.

4. A simple formula that works.

E = P + A – Enrollment = Present + Absent

P = E – A – Those present on a given Sunday. On the average equals your enrollment minus your absentees.

p = 1/2 of E – Present = half of your enrollment

The way to increase your attendance is to increase your enrollment.

5. Number Present = 1/2 of your enrollment.

This has been proven over and over again. Try it in your Sunday School. See if this principle is not true.

6. Use one week with total church involved is a most rewarding plan. Result will be growth. Revival will follow.

7. Personnel Needed

a. Co-Ordinator
b. Secretaries
c. Planning Committee (Co-Ordinator, Pastor, Director of Education)
d. Team Captains
e. Enrolling Teams
f. Follow-Up Teams
g. Workers for Nursery, Children’s Church
i. Prayer Warriors

8. Materials Needed

Enrollment Teams

a. Door of Opportunity brochure
(We are doing our community a real favor.)

b. You Are Invited tracts

c. Enrollment Card

d. Door Knocker Conversation

e. City Map

Follow-Up Teams

a. Why You Should Attend Sunday School tract

b. Personalized brochure from your church

c. Enrollment Certificate or wallet-sized card

9. After laying the ground work, getting materials and personnel together, give Sunday evening service to the Enroll to Grow program.

a. Have congregational, choir, and special singing on soul winning.

b. Have a demonstration of door knocking.

c. Introduce all personnel.

d. Preach – challenge, appeal for workers

1. Door knockers
2. Prayer warriors

e. Get names of all door knockers (put in teams of two)

10. Schedule – Tuesday through Friday, 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Monday night have all teams meet at the church.
Inspire them, equip them, orientate them.
Get them acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the program.


a. Meet at church at 7:00 p.m. Prayer and packets

b. Go and do the job. Average each team will enroll ten families per night.

c. Return to church at 9:00 p.m.

d. Turn in your results.

e. Co-Ordinator will post results.

f. Secretaries will fix packets for the next evening.

g. Certificates will be filled out for Follow-Up Teams to take to those enrolled.

h. Prayer Teams – Children’s Church – Nursery stays at church until 9:00 p.m. (Parent’s pick up their children.)

11. Fantastic Results. Watch enthusiasm grow as the results of each team is posted each evening. What you can expect:

50 teams x 10 per night = 500

4 days x 500 = 2,000 contacted

Of the 2,000 contacted, at least 500 enrolled.

First two weeks over 250 attend Sunday School.

In the first month nearly all of the 250 will receive the Holy Ghost.

Where else could you get so much for so little effort?

How rewarding! Begin Now!


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