Growth In Your Sunday School

Matthew J. Conn


Your Sunday School has a tremendous future. More people enrolled, more people attending, greater character development.

“You can do anything God wants you to do and you think you can for Him.”


Concern and Commitment

1. Become interested in each individual in the church.
2. Pray each day for each person.
3. Love the sinner and carry a burden for him.
4. Commitment is purpose, desire.


Turning Commitment into Action

1. Only those who try ever succeed.
2. Only those who try fail.
3. Use your failures to spark your creativity to succeed.


Major on the Key Factors

1. Sunday School is the root system of your church.
2. Enrollment is the root of Sunday School growth.
3. Sunday School is the greatest evangelistic arm of the church (soul winning).
4. Sunday School is the greatest teaching arm of the church.
5. Establishes people in the truth and develops them into useful workers in the church.


Do Not be Afraid to Fail

1. Keep Swinging – Babe Ruth
More home runs but struck out more times also.
2. Don’t quit.
3. Dream a dream about your church and Sunday School and where you want to go, what you want to accomplish.


Basics for Growth

1. Locate the prospect.
2. Enlarge the organization.
3. Enlist and train workers.
4. Provide space for growth.
5. Go after the people – work.
6. Follow-up. Don’t let them get away.
7. You must go through many to get a good one.


Classes for School Age – grades.
Classes for those out of school – age.


Promotion (annually) is necessary.

1. Recognition of accomplishments.
2. Change.


Visitation is related to Growth

Not just absentees, but new ones.


Principles that Produce Sunday School Growth

1. The pastor must be the pastor of the Sunday School.
2. Attendance grows in proportion to enrollment.
3. Workers – at least one for every ten you want to enroll.
4. Provide adequate space for growth.
5. “Bible Study” must permeate each class.
6. Love – “We want you. ” We would love to have you in our Bible Study.
People will respond.
7. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Sir.
a. We are not asking anyone to join our church.
b. But we are asking people to enroll in our Bible class at the church. “Sell your prospect on the need.”
Personal – Days we are in – Future.
Anyone – Anywhere – Anytime


Laws of Sunday School Growth

1. Enrollment seldom reaches a figure greater than 10 for each
worker. (100 enrolled – 10 workers needed.)
2. New classes grow faster than old classes.
3. Classes reach their maximum size in a relatively short period of time.
4. Sunday School can not grow beyond space available.


We win to Jesus 1 out of 262 not enrolled in Sunday School.
We win to Jesus 1 out of 3 lost people w@o are enrolled in Bible Study.


Enrollment Involves Everyone in the Church

1. Workers
2. Nursery
3. Prayer Warriors
4. Church


Enthusiasm Demonstrated

1. Enthusiasm is God-breathed (inspired).
2. Believe in what you are doing.
3. Be thoroughly acquainted with materials you are using.
4. Related testimonies of what enrollment is accomplishing.
5. Success breeds enthusiasm.
6. Say something good.
Tell something exciting.
Feel something on the inside.
Enthusiasm is catching!


Two Ways to Conduct an Enrollment Program

1. One Week – Total church involvement – Organized – Certain area to cover – all doing at same time.
2. One Month – Anyone – Anywhere – Anytime


Revival Will Follow

It Does Work! Others Are Doing It! You Can Also!


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